How I joined a cult online bill kujua

[ATTACH=full]262127[/ATTACH]The year was 2013, I had just acquired a Nokia asha. Kama wewe Ni wa juzi ulizia hiyo Ni ngani.
I was fucking broke n idle , where I used to work as a teacher salary was 5k. To kill this idleness I spent most of the time in fbk . Back then my nickname in fb was prince froggy mwalimu…
Though broke in real life in fb I was an admin a CEO of then famous pages like … Gikuyu na mumbi mbari ya jomo… Among others …
It’s during this time a mad idea struck my mind … I opened a page called " devil worshippers Kenya".
I then started posting stories , just fictional stories of how to join Illuminati n be illuminated. I was just after likes …lemmi tell you hakuna kitu mbaya Kama addiction ya mtandao , u go extra limits …
Some things were not adding up , the stories became addictive to readers… Once again I opened a WhatsApp group and kidogo the WhatsApp group was full , with many wishing to join the cult, from +49, +255,+234,+16,+254 ,+233 , I learnt different codes of different nation’s till this code came up
“WhatsApp now if interested +1(941)777 4666 and become famous”
The dude whatsapped me.
The number also requested if I wish to join , I never replied just went ahead chatting with members who even asked how to register …as for registration waacha tukanyangie hapo…though it was 666 Bob…
One afternoon , I received a call from the mysterious number… Hallo macharia , we’ve sent you 60 dollars via wavesend , you will be receiving the cash shortly … Kwa wale wamehang wavesend sends money directly to your mpesa from overseas it’s an online bank of some sort…
Kidogo beep beep , over 6k in my mpesa…
It’s a long story but …as time went ahead money was flowing not too much though but most of it I spent in gigs n a regular patron at a famous nightclub in ruiru… Till one day I called it quits n deleted all those pages n chose to live a normal life … It’s then that the kamukunji story comes into play … The story I told u the other day how a stranger gave me a brown …was it the ring I wore he saw au Nini ? Coz Kuna ring sijawai toa ? Will upload it later

Nothing like illuminati

Macharia is illuminati

Maybe "devil worshiping’

60 dollars = over 60k . Mazematics

Over 6k … Whatsapp the no I posted there … Wacha mehemehe …jionee mwenyewe

You are either mentally ill or bewitched. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

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Uyu ni troll/attention hoe…

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This guy has very good stories, either a very good writer or a very good reader. Either way good hekayas.


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The hand is more scary than the story itself.

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Go read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and you will be amazed about the untold Christianity roots and the bitter and weird relationship between Illuminati and the Catholic church. But don’t read it if you are a conservative christian coz you will start questioning everything about Christianity. A simple clue google who were the 9 night Templars and why they were hunted down