How i ended up reaping where i did not sow.

[ATTACH=full]138480[/ATTACH] It was a cool Saturday evening. I had just finished some work in Machakos area and was on my way home. I decided to stop at mlolongo and spend the night there before continuing on my journey the next day.

I found a good lodging which had a resturant and bar attached. After having a shower i went to have supper. I sat down and ordered chapati and beef. I also ordered for a cold Krest Madiaba. As i munched away i noticed a couple near me. They were animatedly chatting. I took keen interest in them especially the lady. She was shapely and had very nice legs. The gentleman alikuwa tu. Kumbe it was @Okwonkwo and @pseudonym.

They were grabbing a bite. Suddenly they stood up and walked towards the side of the rooms. I could see the guys hands browsing the lady’s ample bottom. I knew the fellow would enjoy his night as i nursed my blue balls.

I finished eating and downed my Krest Madiaba. I then paid and headed for my room. As i was trying to get some sleep after wanking to some telegram porn ,zile za captain fisk, i heard a loud commotion outside. I wondered if Alshaba had invaded the tranquil mlolongo. I remembered one rogue somali MP had asked them to bomb Machakos not Isilii.

I carefully opened my door as i tiptoed like the navy seal @uwesmake. Suddenly someone dashed into my room panting like a wild dog. I locked the door and turned to confront the intruder. Kumbe it was @pseudonym. She was half dressed and i could see her ample bum from under the Tshirt she was wearing. I laughed inwardly as i saw that she was wearing discordant sandals zile za lodging ambazo hazifanani.

I asked what happened. She told me that @Meria Mata had stormed their room with 5 other truckers and turnboys. They had knocked down the door to her room and pounced on @Okwonkwo . She had escaped and run into my room for refuge.

I recalled that as a student of diplomacy the UN refugee convention does not allow the repatriation of refugees to their home country if it is dangerous. We call it the nonrefoulment rule. I told the lady to relax as i investigated.

I found that a large crowd had formed around the scene of the fight. The two gladiators were bleeding profusely and had been separated by wananchi. The police had arrived and people were trying to resolve the imbroglio. The burly OCS bwana @Tarantinoh said that they rogues would spend the night in the cold mlolongo cells. Their case would be handled earliest on Monday by the courts.

I had heard enough. I ran to my room laughing like Uhuruto after being declared winners by Chebukati. I looked over my shoulder as i opened the door to my room. The lady was still crying as she sat on my bed. I comforted her. She fell into my arms as she cried loudly. I assured her everything will be okay. I however cautioned her not to leave the room. I lied that the police were hunting for her.

I undressed and we got into bed. I slowly tried touching her. Kumbe under the Tshirt she had nothing underneath. My blood boiled. I slowly like a snake moved closer to her. I caressed her big bum. She did not react. I felt her nether regions. She was clean shaven and as wet as one can be.She turned to face me. She then aksed if we would have sex. I answered hesitantly. Yes. She said then atleast use a CD.

I rushed from the bed and after rummaging through my bag i found some salama condoms. I was already erect. I slipped it on and went back into bed. I faintly told her,“Baby Nimevaa”. Her soft hands reached for my phallus. It became even more erect. She lay on her back and asked me to come on top. “Usiniumize baby”, she begged. I slowly slid into her.

It was as hot as the chalbi desert. Slowly i began pumping as she moaned softly. Suddenly i felt lightning strike me from head to toe. I became stiff. My head began spinning. I had cum. I threw away the cd. She wiped us clean. We then cuddled. The bedside lamp was on. I looked into her eyes and a smile covered my face. She asked me what made me smile. I told her it was her warmth and sweetness.

However in my mind i laughed as i recalled a swahili saying, “Vita vya Panzi ,Furaha ya Kunguru”

hii kitu umeandika kama composition ZA primary ukimaliza na a similes in each sentence

Mbona ulale mlolongo coming from machakos? Kwani ulikuwa unakimbia??

saitan hizi vitu umeota tu sai?


⅛ ✓

See me !

We soma story wacha uchunguzi. Watu kama wewe ndio huharibu mitungo ya wasanii wanaochipuka. Yaani munaua talent na mashambulizi.


Siwezi wacha ukule vitu. We tumia wifi ya jela. By Monday tutakulipia bond.

mjamaa wacha wivu. let me take my slices in peace.

Chunga usigeuzwe huko jela. Lala na Mgongo na karibu na ukuta. Daah kumbe vitu vya wizi ni vitamu mno.

You got that right, I am a burly fellow. Nice narration.

Picha ya mzigo wenyewe nimeweka. Mnaona kweli niko na kazi kubwa. Waswahili wanaliita chakula cha mboga saba.

Well written . Smiling

Let me just ask , Kwani today it’s international truckers and truckho’s day?
@amun please riddle me this.:smiley:

Badala ya kuenjoy refuge we watext tu. Zima simu ama hata wewe utafungwa na afande @Tarantinoh.

How can I enjoy it if i keep being in one place and then another ?
plus condom zako zimeisha sweetie…:rolleyes:

Hahaha. Zile nilikuwa niko na mingi sana. Ukumbuke hiyo kibarua ilikuwa ya muda sana na nilijihami vilivyo ili nisipate mdada mhuni aniunganishe kwa mtandao wa kifo.

Wueh! @sudonim naona leo umejazwa ma.shot … from @Meria Mata to @Okwonkwo and now @Masood . Yenyewe bwana asifiwe

Amen!wacha nisherekee maji ya uzima.:smiley: