How has the new budget affected technology?

Good afternoon Kenyans. I kindly request those of you who have knowledge on how to interprete the consequences or the effects of the new budget to elaborate to the less privileged (Vichwa uji) on the effect or its impacts on technology. What do we stand to gain or loose in the world of technology?

Everything is going to go up. The 3 bob taxes per liter on fuel is the poison chalice in the budget.

When is the 3 bob tax taking effect, ama ni during the next review…14th Jun

Nilikuwa naona wasee wanacomment vile gava should tax everything including thhat landlords should pay more and everyone should be brought into the tax bracket. Hiyo burden yote siitaenda kwa maskini na middle class. Middle class being the hardest hit. Alafu hiyo pesa yote itaibiwa. Shida ya watu ni ati wakiskia budget kubwa hawajuangi ni mifuko yao itaporwa.


being ya film equipments n imepungua… now let’s go shoot porn


May be if we taxed the poor they’d then see the folly of voting along tribal lines and instead vote for fellows who are more likely to manage their taxes well. Just may be.

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i was just explaining that to someone today akifikiria that that money is currently available just waiting to be spent.


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