How fathers and moters treat their baby differently

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[SIZE=6][Series: Episode 1] Dads and Moms Will Always Treat Their Kids Differently[/SIZE]
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We like it or not, our fathers and mothers will treat their kids differently. Do not ask who is good between a mother and a father because in the end, we need them both.

For example, research has shown that while fathers’ interaction with their kids if so physical such as rolling on the floor and athletic activities that of mothers is more of care-giving.

I am not trying to be unfair to the dads, but checkout the following differences

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[SIZE=3]Be careful when you go shopping with your baby. Do not put stuff on the baby[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]If you are bathing a baby, be very careful. This is what mothers are good at[/SIZE]

How do you handle a baby when you are alone with the baby? Mothers are always

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