How Far Video Game Graphics Have Come

I remember playing MK II and Conflict Desert Storm years ago and thinking there is no possible way graphics can get better than this.


Now I’m looking at Horizon Forbidden West the image quality on display is just insane! And to think that this is rendered in REAL TIME at 60fps. Holy shiiit. This is the best looking game I’ve ever seen.



Best things have gold standard you pay through the nose. In my line of practice before i judge and critise someone job. I ask the guy alilipwa ngapi? Then i will make a judgement.

Specs ya machine yako ni?

This is PlayStation.

Alot of games have great graphics but most companies behind them are greedy as hell, kwanza EA ndio shetani mkuu. They sell you unfinished games and then demand you buy the parts that are missing in the name of DLC.
Atleast hizo za kitambo when you buy it was all there.

Hiyo ni kawaida ya technology. The science remains the same.

God of War had some serious graphics for a game that was released in the 2000s.

I’m convinced that before this generation of game consoles comes to an end we’ll get at least one photorealistic game even if it’s running at 30fps. It might be closer than we think if the Unreal Engine 5 showcase is anything to go by.


Our grandchildren will call these brick games… Yao itakuwa almost insanely real no screen just holograms

The thing is I still run road rush and bow and arrow on my laptop .The games are 700kb

this stage of enlightenment comes with all console generations… see this legendary post banae

Enjoy the games. I recall Call of Duty’s and the NFS’s being less than 500MB. Now even indie games are 10GB+. Horizon Forbidden West comes in at 99GB… same ballpark as current triple A games. What’s worryingly annoying is it’s now normal for games to be this huge.

Is that forbiden west? PS5? Graphics ziko balaa

How can I get the GTA 5 on my Android?

Woke and ga.y games. Hizo hairstyle tunazijua. The black character looks like he is about to go smooch his white boyfriend Marcus coz he doesn’t do girls.

The girl is crying because her lesbian lover Michelle is in love with the enemy dyke.

And of course the arch enemy in the game is chubby, has blonde hair and an orange face. He is the enemy of progress and homosexual love.



Unreal E 5 is a total gamechanger. The future has just began

Someday we will reach a point in a reality where photorealistic graphics will become boring. Because it will be too real. We will say that we are not impressed by this and wonder to ourselves: am I overeager? The problem is that we are not impressed by the ordinariness, and reality is the very ordinariness in the flesh. The most memorable games have a unique visual style. I tried to find on [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] games at least somehow similar graphics to this. In the future, such games will be supported by the most relevant technical innovations, but they will always be original. The gaming industry is moving towards realism, but at some point, we need to stop in mid-step and ask ourselves: do we need to replace the real world with a fictional one? Or should there be a layer in the form of a unique style that does not allow us to finally believe in what is happening? After all, if we plunge headlong into the reality created by someone, there is a risk of abandoning the real world for good.