How Egyptian Pyramids were built using african mathematics (calculus) , PHD Research

I told you african black egyptians built the pyramids and since most of you are whitewashed by colonialism…you didn’t believe it , I don’t blame your neivety… , just watch the video and see the Dr’s peer reviewed evidence

This is the impressive evidence you guys were all waiting for …

No such thing as ‘African Mathematics’, mathematics is mathematics.

Wetin be dis?

Calculus ndio kila kitu kwa ii dunia, sijui io mnaita African Mathematics ndio nini.

The fact that you are arguing means you haven’t watched the presentation…watch it first then talk…

Alafu that woman has more education qualifications than your whole clan , who do you think I want to listen to ?

Mathematics , astronomy etc are all black african knowledge ,bt education in africa imewafunga akili with misleading eurocentric curriculums when the whole truth is in european museums today…

… Arabs and greeks stole the knowledge from ancient egypt …pythagoras mwenyewe alisoma egypt and he admits it… that’s where he saw the pythagoras theorem in use …

books were worth so much bana hence the alexandria library was built to store the knowledge… Europeans and arabs were sneaking out papyrus and books kama bangi…

2 hrs msee.

How come I can’t find any of her published papers or articles in peer reviewed journals? Just YouTube videos. What kind of intellectual is this? Umeona Dr. ukasema ni well educated yet even Ruto is a Dr. Then you want us to watch 2 hours of Hoteppery before commenting. Upuzi. People like you are the reason Afrocentrism is more a meme than a scholarly movement.

You realise it’s the knowledge she is analysing that’s backed up by evidence…

How abt you look at the information and go analyse it …that’s what she’s doing …

@King Robert Baratheon

Downloading from the app is cheaper

Siwesclick DP Uncle Lootall garbage


To be clear, I don’t trust any politician when it comes to academic qualifications. Si ati nimeonea Ruto.

Haidhuru. Arror has earned the respect of those who are knowledgeable in his area of study, na io ndio muhimu. Kama judges na mawakili wenzako wanakuheshimu kama kigogo kwa mambo za sheria, mbona uwe concerned na opinion za madereva na mapastor kuhusu uanasheria wako?
Arror atapata advantage gani ama loss gani akipata trust yako? You do not matter.

Why were they built ?

Yes rasta, 2hours.

It is important it be referred to as so in order to force people accept Africans knew

How the pyramids were built remains a mystery till date even the so called Europeans who were saying we as Africans were stupid can’t find a logical explanation as to how it is built. This shows Africans were miles ahead in technology.

What irks me is the machining of the granite sculptures and pottery.