How does the white cop feel when he sees the mayhem he has caused?

All of us never imagine what implications our actions can have, the ripple effect. How about George Floyd who in death has become the hero he never could be in life. Now everyone knows his name and he’s sitting in the hall of fame albeit post humorously. His death has given people the opportunity to vent over their frustration in the clown in the white house and the second class treatment of people of color in America. RIP Young nigga there’s a heaven.

Reverend Al Sharpton

Unfortunately, we will be watching more of these gruesome scenarios in years to come. Like it has been repeated worldwide, it does not matter if he had committed 100 other crimes, he ought not have suffered a death like this in 2020. They say they are the free world, we say they are they are racist murderous butchers. My telly is off as this is all too much to watch.

That country is full of sickos.

he’s actually happy since he knows white people are angrier at black people now more than ever and see them as aggressive and foolish people.
white cops and supremacists will now have more courage to kill black people and will have support from the white race.

The best thing he could do is to kill himself actually, his life is finished anyway, he will be cursed and live with it till the end of his days. It makes no sense. Sometimes you need to know when you should go. Blacks would cum with rainbow I guess.

Can’t stop laughing.

will be cursed. yeah right. (maybe he loved killing and killing black people at that)
those who enslaved black people lived very good lives.
let’s wait and see what happens, cause he might be jailed and in a year or two released (when things cool off)

but who knows, maybe this is the straw that broke the camels/blacks back

Who? Their fellow africans?

It’s america, not africa.

no, the whites.

other cops have been jailed only to be released later earlier than their jail terms.

[SIZE=7]DA: Bad time to drop charge of ex-cop in black man’s death[/SIZE]
FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2016, file photo, former Columbus Police officer Canyon Boykin, center, is led from the Lowndes County Courthouse in handcuffs while people applaud in Columbus, Miss. The Mississippi attorney general said Thursday, May 28, 2020, that a manslaughter charge will be dropped against Boykin in the October 2015 shooting death of an African American man because her office reviewed the case and concluded the officer acted in self-defense. (Luisa Porter/The Commercial Dispatch via AP, File)
COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) — A local Mississippi prosecutor said Friday that the state attorney general had bad timing in dropping a manslaughter charge this week against a white former police officer in the 2015 killing of a black man, given protests erupting across the U.S. over similar killings.
District Attorney Scott Colom said Attorney General Lynn Fitch did not consult him before her office announced Thursday that it was dropping the charge against Canyon Boykin, who pleaded not guilty in 2016 after being indicted in the death of Ricky Ball. The killing sparked protests in 2015 in Columbus, a mostly black city of 23,000 in northeast Mississippi.

Republican Fitch, in her first year as attorney general, said in a brief statement Thursday that her office reviewed the case and determined Boykin acted in self-defense.
Colom, who’s a Democrat, said Friday that he would have recommended the attorney general not dismiss the charge now, since Boykin is out of jail on bond, the Commercial Dispatch reported. Colom cited riots in Minnesota over the death of an African American man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for minutes, along with public outrage over the deaths of several other African Americans killed by white law enforcement officers or citizens in the U.S.
Boykin was working for Columbus Police Department when Ball, 26, was shot to death after a traffic stop. Ball was a passenger and ran from the vehicle after it was stopped, Boykin said. The officer said he fired his weapon while chasing Ball because Ball appeared to point a gun at him. A handgun was found near Ball’s body. Ball’s family disputed whether Boykin had cause to shoot.
Colom transferred the case to the attorney general’s office in 2016. The attorney general at the time, Democrat Jim Hood, presented the case to a grand jury that indicted Boykin on a manslaughter charge in 2016. Fitch was elected attorney general in November, when Hood ran unsuccessfully for governor.

same will happen even with this case and other cases in court or that will happen.
but like i said, maybe this is the straw that broke the camels/black/justice back.

And how exactly they enslaved them? Just jumped out of their ships and ran into the jungles and savannas capturing africans lol? That says a lot. I mean if africans can’t even survive in their natural environment and get captured by people who ended up in such environment for the first time, they must be really weak. Africans were captured, enslaved and sold by their fellow africans. Buying and enslaving are different things, my friend. But I got you.

The probability that it actually was self-defense is quite high. I can’t say anything without the video. News is just news and they tend to be biased from both sides.