How does KenyaTalk and Blogs/Sites make money?

@Deorro @admin
I have been looking up info on how sites make money.
The general advice is to not touch Google Ad Sense or any ad provider that has banner ads since the model leads to payment of peanuts. 1000 views generate 1$ per page.

KenyaTalk has non intrusive banner ads that are easily blocked by an ad blocker. The ads are very untargeted (to me) which is so unlike google ad sense so I guess it is some other provider?!

How does this site make money? I am really interested. I know it has crazy traffic of over 20K views per day but do the banner ads make money enough to keep Admin and his Moderators happy?

I am genuinely interested in the blogging venture,niche sites that make money via simple things like ads.

Bloggers keep mentioning Affiliate Marketing but I am sure the numerous blogs owned by akina Alai, Nyakundi make money.

I know that I haven’t really put my point very well across, but anyone please answer the general question : how do blogs/sites make money? What ad providers? Google Ad Sense?

Akina @NJENGAH, @web guru na @Marty McFly walinielezea lakini sikushika

Ata @Despotic_megalomaniac anajua

And at what stage does the money trickle to the villagers? Sponsor semeni kama kuna benefit ya hiyo title.
Ama ni ya kudanganya hood rats or momos vile wewe ni sponsor mahali

They sell user information:D:D:D

I have my suspicions but acha tusikie from the horse mouth


Hakuna information inauzawa kutoka hapa

forums barely make money, that’s why they died

You mean akina admin don’t make handsome amounts of money?
What about blogs? Akina Ghafla, Mpasho, Techweez and Kachwanya

forums are like hobbies for most of those who operate them. They can’t compete with platforms that are available.
The others make Money primarily through
1.Advertising banners
2.Sponsored articles
3.Social media campaigns
The more fans you have the more money you can charge for these sources of revenue. (Fans you see through pageviews, sessions, users, etc.)

@Marty McFly avail the rink

feasting on our energy

Could be true but dont expect them to accept they do. Otherwise how do we get thousands of “spam” messages in our inboxes everyday. Names and email addresses are used to spy on users for targeted ads but even google will never tell u they do it.