How does it feel like smashing a hoe

Hoe smashers veterans, do you ever enjoy smashing something another dude could have probably smashed some minutes ago. Another thing, these hoes could probably have at least 10 clients per day, doesn’t the number bother you. When do these hoes even get time to clean before giving it to the next client.

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How does it feel to be a miserable wench who has no life ?

That is what I wanna know

Enda ujibiwe io swali kilimani mums…

Most of these guys carry lube… since hizo puthy be dry like the Sahara.

Shit. Very depressing. But kila nyani na starehe zake

Hapa ndio kilimani kwenyewe juu kila saa, niggas post, ‘tumesalimiana na Nani hapa’

I’m glad you brought that up. It is horrible yet it is glorified on this platform. Approaching women in conventional places and talking them to bed requires confidence and a lot of ‘working on yourself’. You need to have non-sexual aura to entice a woman and this comes from confidence and getting your shit together. This is something that ‘kusalimiana battalion’ lack and the best they can do is offer a woman 20 bucks to bust a nut.

Once you work on yourself and get the confidence that comes from getting your money right (yes there is that confidence you get when you start making serious bank, unfortunately this one you can’t fake) you will start banging women of substance and look at your former self in disgust.

Two bucks! cheap mofos.

10 people ni kidogo sana, short time hata 20 wanafanyanga.

…this quarry of questions seems to have open-ended as the questions gives that when asking… You already have the experience… On dirty hoes! Well, there are dirty wives, dirty girlfriends… So the same dirty hole will be the same in experience.

No doubt.

With that out of the way then pray tell, what’s the true cost of that in the long term? That’s a view you’d relate with from your smug throne in the ivory tower, no? How much better is ‘premium’ poosy, really? Is it worth all you do to get it? Does it latch on, or attempt to any less than the regular? Is it exclusively yours, or are/were there other jurassic (Cretaceous?) predecessors in it? Is it low mileage?

Or does it just plainly cost more & disgust you enough to seek the next phantom of elixir? Happy hunting!

Hata nikiwa mlevi or sober monologue detection??? But Mischa swali za umama

It’s never yours, its just your turn. Kula na uondoke

Nice input. You are on point. We also realize that circumstances are always different. 99% of long serving prisoners engage in sex with strangers( whres) within 24 hrs after their release from prison. Soldiers etc including Kiganjo recruits and Yankees(US)/BATUK(UK kenya) engage whres at record speed once on vacation. The issue is TIME, DRIVE,URGENCY,RELIABILITY and SECRECY. Men are busy and some have no time for missed dates!

Look in the mirror bitch.

How is Mars?