How Does Facebook Do This...

I met two old acquaintances earlier today, I’ve just logged into FB, naona pale friend suggestions/people I may know, both guys popped up as suggestions, bear in mind we never exchanged phone numbers.


Swaffi kaka braza


Do you have the facebook app installed in your phone? The app probably collects location data, and if the two guys also have the app in their phones, then Facebook knew you were in the same location at the same time. Same applies to Whatsapp as Facebook also owns it.

Step 2: Facebook algorithms check your profiles and finds some commonalities and you probably have multiple mutual friends. You might even be sharing some of the contacts kwa phone.

The smart algorithms figure you must know each other and consequently suggests you be friends on the platform.

mbona apps zinaniulazanga ujinga ya ’ allow us permisions to phone book , messages pictures !!! ’ wtf !!! mpaka hata app ya kuosha mikono

Hapo sasa. Thats how they get your information. Mpaka ati app ya bible wants to read your messages na contacts and it wants to know your location!

I noticed this and decided not to have a profile photo, and use the name not commonly used by everybody. You just need to be next to a person for two days and facebook gives him/her access to your inf.

I don’t have the app installed on my phone.

This is not the first time it’s happened, most probably ni hapo kwa phone numbers but the coincidence is eery.

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Facebook also owns Whatsapp. Your Whatsapp app might be culprit in this case. Or you may be logged in kwa browser.

mimi naona ni CIA , KGB na MOSSAD huwa wananitafuta :smiley:

Ala! I thought hausafishangi macho. tsk! tsk! tsk! tsk!


Problem:):)? The use of WhatsApp is more possible, I am in several WhatsApp groups in my area of operations, I noticed whenever I logged into Facebook they came as people I might be knowing. Using a smartphone is providing information to the interested parties.

This could be linked to mutual friends pia…


Common friends, schools, colleges, towns lived, interests, events attended etc all this information when genuine leads to the same place if provided whether you have a profile photo or use a fake name. Other apps like truecaller are now fishing information from all conceivable places on the phone.

I have been having two dormant Facebook accounts and I guess it’s time to delete them.

Mimi I have a phone number which I have never shared with anyone or called anyone using it. I use it for browsing only. I used to get calls from people who had dialled the wrong number until one day when I had switched off my known number and I received a call from an acquaintance kwa my secret line. I did not even ask how she knew the number but had to buy another one.

Facebook doesn’t use location data to suggest friends.
They use synced contacts lists
Also if you search for someone a lot Facebook suggests them or you to them as friends.
After you left your friends decided to stalk you on Facebook waone how life is taking you. Facebook algorithm ikaona “hmmm, hawa lazima wanajuana, lemme suggest them to each other”. Moral of the story, if you stalk someone on Facebook, Facebook will suggest you as a friend to them. When a ex or Old flame pops up hapo kwa suggested friends jua tu they were stalking you