How Do You Not Get Emotional When This Woman Takes To The Ring

Valentina is a better fighter sawa, finally al admit it. And Nunes is the most dominant champ in MMA history (sorry Khabib,I’m not a wrestling fan). But is there a fighter more exciting to watch than Rose Namajunas?

My advanced age only permits me to watch nature documentaries on TV and nothing else

One question my fren have you ever seen a woman ?

Hapana, I haven’t. Is there one you want to show me?

the above women you posted are likely to be MTF .trannies everywhere

This is an MMA thread bana. I’m talking about their skill. If you want women to ogle at kuna posts zingine mingi by the usual suspects.

thug rose edible :stuck_out_tongue: on top of her skills in the octagon
pat barry at her corner always seems tipsy though with all the shouting!


Pat Barry is like those dads who live vicariously through their children. Only he’s living through his fiance. Rose is a sweetheart, she pulls you in. When she wins I get so emotional. When she, or any of the African Champions, is in the ring, my pulse rate goes a notch higher.