How do you help such men?


I can’t blame him. We all have been raised in a largely feminine environment.
Am sure if you asked half of the single mothers out there if they were willing to put up with a broke man or become second wives watakataa. Why?

Beta males everywhere mimi DNA confirmation lazima kwa watoto wangu i can’t raise another mans kid

Atafunzwa na ulimwengu.

Blue pill conditioning in our society is on overdrive! Only the strong shall survive. Scarcity mentality ni mbaya sana. Mimi juzi tu one of my many ex-girlfriends started pestering na maswali za kijinga kama, “Unajua kitambo when we were together hatukuelewana but saa hii nataka tu kukuzalia please” …

She expects to think of it like its the greatest honor than one can bestow upon me, yet i already know her dark whoring past.


The feminization of our society is a huge problem. A majority of men from the previous generation failed their sons a good one. They were never there to teach their sons how to be men and how to have a backbone. I’m always glad my father taught me how to be a man, how to stand straight and have a firm handshake. How to walk tall and be confident. To never accept a raw deal such as raising another man’s spawn. To never settle for less. Let these beta males continue trying to sound politically correct for a few retweets and likes. Meanwhile, those same women will go get fucked by high-value men who will never marry their single matha asses.

Beta males and white knights are the sources of all these problems. They have made these women think that giving you a child is an honor that you should be eternally grateful for. That same child will be used as a bargaining chip against you, she will decide whether you are in the kid’s life or not, and can even change the child’s perspective of you. If you give a woman a child, YOU are the one doing her a favor. She should be ETERNALLY grateful that you have given a doorway to your wealth for the next 18 years.

Bless u man. Atleast naona bado kuna wajanja hii kenya

:D:D hiyo kitu kula nyama kwa nyama uone vile mambo yataenda

Utaoleka lini ghassia hii


Si pia ww ni man whore…kama hutawai zalisha io makende yako inafaa ikatwe. Nugu ww, kipii

Stop talking like you live on mass, heartache leads to path of enlightenment, which in return makes u more wise. No woman has ever broken your heart? Little bruh…toa upus hapa.

Hio game itaenda 2-0 ukiangalia tu and you will still term it normal. It’s a No!


This is rich coming from a fool who spends much of his tym idling kwa kijiji, wanaume wakitafuta mbeca ww uko hapa commenting non stop, i mean how do u post more than 1500 messages yet you joined kijiji on june, i might add your post r shit, baba tulia. You are a loser, living on your mother’s basement. Get your hands off ur ass n hustle, mdomo mingi achia kina mama, umbwa, ghaseer, stop protecting ur homosexual tendencies on us.

What the fuck are you talking about? You quoted my post but whatever you spewed isn’t related in any way to what I said. Living life as a low I.Q bonobo who can’t even stay on topic while responding to a simple comment must be rough. I pity you. And it’s Mars, not mass, you dumbass. (see the wordplay? It’s a smart people thing, you wouldn’t understand.)

Thanks for the literature lesson kaka(typing error), io ingine umesema hapo n umeffi. Av a good day motherfucker

for the first time in my life i will use a condom :D:D:D:D

95% of kenyan men are blue pilled even the so called alphas.