How do you deal with this

I have friends and relatives who keep on nagging me, asking me to find them jobs.Have you ever been in such a scenario, i understand the economy is bad and unemployment is at an all time high, but this is just too much.Especially nikikanyaga ocha, kila mtu ako “si unitafutie kazi”, i don’t have a company and i don’t have enough influence to just force anybody i want in.Shida ni ukiambia mtu hivyo anaona ni kama unamdharau ama unajifanya.Of course kama ningeweza ningewapatia job.Talkers how do you deal with such?

Direct them to brighterMonday

hehe, i don’t want to burn bridges…

Sasa hiyo ndio makosa, iko mmoja nilimwambia hivyo akashinda akinipigia akiniuliza kama nimeget.

unamwambia bado… he can do nothing major about it

Tell them you have no job. You have no business having people love you. Even if you get them jobs, they will run away from you at that hour of need.

hehehe hata mimi nikiwa intern after campo in a very nice company watu walikuawananisumbua hiyo ujinga. saa hiyo am the lowest of the low hata tea lady hakuoni kama mtu. nkt wengine hadi walikua wanakuja reception area wakinitafuta. I blamed all this on an uncle who came to visit nikia na ka pesa kidogo nikampeleka lunch nzuri.


I never give them false hopes…mimi huwaambia if I hear anything I will let them know…

Tell them you are not recruiting due to the state of the economy. In fact, tell them you are retrenching.

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Don’t you have relatives and friends?

wewe nakushuku sana…this is just a persona you have created online, you must be the opposite in real life


Maybe ata yuko na mabibi tatu hehe


Kwani kuwa na Bibi tatu ni shida? Lol


You will die a virgin. And you know what we do with such? We insert a maize cob into the asshole before burial. And we smear ash on your buttocks.

These guys are masters when it comes to derailing posts.

please do

Get off my thread, mimi ndio nina shida sio @ol monk



All my ‘friends’ ditched me when the cash ran out. Now that I’m slowly clawing my way up again siwataki and I’m glad I went through that for now I know without a doubt that I’m a better person without them.