How do you deal with a person with no integrity

So I get into a business deal with this guy who later on goes back on our agreement.

Rarely do I get mad but this guy is now talking badly at me…and all the mistake came from his end.

How do you guys deal with such?

I would mostly like to get a hold of the guys dad and just tell him off. I wish I knew how

Kama uko na evidence anika yeye buyer beware.

Let people see the difference between you and him.mpe macho tu atachoka.

vile Jameson amesema

What do you mean?

He is a young kid…if i do that, it might spoil his career and I will have gained nothing. I just want him to learn a lesson and refund my cash.

I asked a friend who works at safcom to get me a family members number but akasema he/he might get into trouble

The guy expects you to be angry or any sort of reaction that you will do and capitalize on that to continue his accusations. If you do not he’s ashamed and he walks away.

Who does business with young kids, o_O.That’s what you get for doing business with young kids.

Hehe infact that is what he is doing…trying to turn the whole thing against me…and yet I have text messages that say otherwise

Sometimes all that a person needs is a chance…I was once there, so I have a soft spot for people trying to make it in life after campus.


Stay calm let him see that you have been there and done that.infact this is where your experience comes into play

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People honor agreements because there are consequencies that they must not risk. “It is difficult to be loved and be feared at the same instance.”(Niccolo Machiaveli). “Fear is safer than love”(Niccolo Machiavelli) So if you got into an agreement without evaluating the consequencies the other party will face incase of infidelity to the agreement, you have nothing to hold on to.
You dont bembeleza enemies, they get bolder if you do.
“The greatest happiness is to drive the enemy before you to watch his city burn to the ground and to gather his women to your bossom”(Genghis Khan)

And finally:
There are no thing such as half-friend. Such fence-sitting is dangerous.
“People are either completely indulged, or they are destroyed”(Niccolo Machiavelli)


I have read that book as well…and I totally agree with you. My mistake was giving a guy fresh out of campus an opportunity. Anyway it was a simple task that he had to complete. Am even thinking if its worth recording a statement with the police

Ina depend.hasara ni kiasi gani, kama unaeza kubalu hiyo hasara then just let it go.

Its only 10k. Issue is his lack of courtesy.