How do you cope with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

For those who have been diagnosed with ADHD, how do you cope with it in your adult life? I have it and have to do so many things at one to ensure that I do not focus on one small thing that bores me to ‘death’. I have problems keeping relationships because I get bored with normal sequences… I make too many promises that later on I cannot fulfill because I over-promised while in my Highs in ADHD, so I avoid making any ambitious promise and do not have many close friends… How do you cope with it?

Sijawahi elewa tofouti Kati ya
Adhd na

But got a relative who had a hyperactive boy! And boy wasn’t he a piece of work mara ako sitting room anavunja stuff ukifika huko amekimbia jikoni unaskia tu ma glass zikivunjika ukifika huko ako kwa yard destroying shit!!! Apparently hafai kula wheat products

They are all mental disorders and require detailed medical analysis to differentiate… what effect do wheat products have on these mental disorders… I have had it for as long I can remember but have learnt to cope not cured… i still have lots issues to deal with… and are sometimes suicidal

Friendships among adults is conditional, first make peace with that fact. So, you are most likely to become friends with colleagues at work, suppliers, customers or just people you helped once. My advice, be more helpful to people and you will make some friends. Alternatively, get new interests. You will likely make friends when you share a common interest e.g gym membership etc…you won’t believe how many friends I have made simply because we frequent the same carwash.

Smoke tones of weed and keenly pay attention to how it affects your thinking, and ability to focus, or make plans.

I am very good at make friends wherever I go… the problem is having real close friends…

Weed makes people go crazy… come to think of it… I remember a girl who told me that we should marry, grow old together and smoke weeds together as we age… that shocked me for she was not joking… I simply dropped her for that…

My immediate boss has it, he can call you, terminate the call, call you after a minute. And such kind of things, he has coped with it, by being a creature of habits.

Now that one is something else… amongst the mental disorders

What are other symptoms of your condition, are you self diagnosed?

Self-diagnosed: though the self-diagnosis was 100% confirmed by Dr. Frank Njenga in his clinic near Nairobi Hospital that he called his colleague to show them an example of 100% self-diagnosed ADHD patient

I am seriously addicted to sexual activities with many different women sometimes a few in a day
I have very serious mood swings and can be very unpredictable because of this. At times I am very energetic while dealing with some issues/ tasks at other times, I am sooo down and cannot handle even 1% of the tasks. In my high times, I am highly respected and even people make me their leader by default, other times I am just sulking.
I can be overly talkaaaative, other times I do not want to say a thing and look so docile…
I am very very creative and achieve alot within such a short time when I am in my high that people get shocked… other times, I feel and look sheepish… etc
I have learnt to do so many things at once to fight boredom, working on one thing at a time for long periods is crazy and I just give up…

I am excellent, really got at short tasks, but give up very quickly while working on the same over extended periods of time that would make you consider me as an average or even poor at it… In fact I have lots of incomplete tasks because I gave up at some point.

On creativity, I had imagined some of the biggest things trending in Kenya now, a long time ago but could not implement them because I would just get bored in the middle of it… and even now I still have such dreams for future solutions to problems but will not even waste my time since I cannot concentrate for long…

Join a support group online to meet people having the same problem.Just search support groups kwa google

ni uwazimu in different names

My son is autistic. This little understood spectrum affects many kids and families. And yes, wheat, milk etc are poison to him

Sounds like you may be suffering from bipolar disorder.

It is possible though the doctor agreed with my version… and never take any drugs…

So I am mad person and I have never known it? It is strange that we easily generalize things that we hardly understand and give it a blanket so we can hide our heads in the sand and never deal with it… you will be shocked if another person carries out analysis of Motokubwa, that you possibly are one one of the mental disorder patients listed above… it is more common than people think… Many have adapted and achieved their life’s objectives and surpassed the ones who do not have any such mental problems… and I accept that I am one of them and though I am concerned, I am not regretting nor looking for any job from any Government or International organization as I retired years ago… Let us discuss issues knowing that even though it does not affect us directly now, it could affect you through your children if you after you married to my sister or niece with the same problems and are genetically passed on… think, brother think!!

[SIZE=5]When to see a doctor[/SIZE]
Despite the mood extremes, people with bipolar disorder often don’t recognize how much their emotional instability disrupts their lives and the lives of their loved ones and don’t get the treatment they need.

And if you’re like some people with bipolar disorder, you may enjoy the feelings of euphoria and cycles of being more productive. However, this euphoria is always followed by an emotional crash that can leave you depressed, worn out — and perhaps in financial, legal or relationship trouble.

If you have any symptoms of depression or mania, see your doctor or mental health professional. Bipolar disorder doesn’t get better on its own. Getting treatment from a mental health professional with experience in bipolar disorder can help you get your symptoms under control.

The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown, but several factors may be involved, such as:

[li]Biological differences. People with bipolar disorder appear to have physical changes in their brains. The significance of these changes is still uncertain but may eventually help pinpoint causes.[/li][li]Genetics. Bipolar disorder is more common in people who have a first-degree relative, such as a sibling or parent, with the condition. Researchers are trying to find genes that may be involved in causing bipolar disorder.[/li][/ul]

pole, I retract my statement

@Motokubwa you are forgiven. It is a serious issue and I thank @Purple for her review of my self-diagnosis for it appears to be bipolar disorder… all these disorders require professional diagnosis since the difference is small… We still need to discuss it in general… it might help another person in the future…