How do we tell them.

How do we tell these sisters of ours in their late 30s and above who are so obsessed with the social media sites? The type who send thousands of pictures every day on FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc with captions like how good they look or how young and blessed they are. How exactly do we just inform them that it’s time to retire from slaying on the internet and leave it to our younger ones below 25?
It’s saddening to see someone who is leaving in a dream world because it can turn into a mental case any time.

hinjio ni maku.

Gathita ka huko!
komondoo dragon

The new lingo

Jesus lizard


Should actually be kondoo dragon

A bite from a comodo dragon leave you bleeding to death, since your blood would not clot. Stay clear ukienda kushafisha macho thighland.


Kaino ka nguku

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Just let them be and enjoy the drama unfold. Si walisema life begins at 40

you are forgetting entitlement, they think men owe them something …
before you date a single 30 + single lady, you really have to do some real reasoning and evaluation

kumandoo dragon

A new generation of confused ladies,

Validation is like cocaine to Women
Leave em to their own crevices

These mbishas are the reason why some of us abandoned FB…yaani we could not breath…mara sijui ni poses ngapi in a day, maselfie, no updates about anything meaningful in their lives just showing off.
Sasa kila mtu na utambi yake wako instagram but tell you what men are the ones who support them by following them and commenting.

No. It’s not bleeding but it’s instead a very poisonous bute comprising of a plethora of deadly bacteria

Exactly, was about to say that. It’s the venom in the bite that will take you down. Saw a Forest Buffalo drop dead in a muddy pool from Komodo bite in a documentary.