How do I?

Hello guys, I live alone and am such an introvert… lately I’ve noticed that am not so well… like am overthinking and I feel my mind is so full… sometimes I find myself mumbling some things unawares… what kind of situation is this and how I can I self distract, I try by watching some movies on my phone but I still feel not okay
Feel like am about to die[/SIZE]

Hold on small bro, don’t lose hope

deal with the issue bothering you… be honest with yourself… mimi nilikuwa hivo but I did not want to admit I miss my wife… I addressed the issue and I am now okay

Die ma’fuker Die…

Kungurumisha bajaj imesaidia wengi wanao wosia wa mazingaumbwe.:D:D:D


You are stressed. It’s unfortunately what most people are going through as the economy goes to recession and things getting thick day by day. Some will give up and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about them. Just hold on there, remain hopeful that things will come out, whatever it is that’s troubling you. Find something to do too and engage your trusted friends for just normal talks.

Don’t give up on hope

Get out of the house and take a walk to a new place or visit a gym and work out like there is no tomorrow.
Hakikisha umekimbia kwa treadmill kama mwendawazimu a perfect reset button. Jioni utalala vizuri bila worries mingi juu ya kuchoka. Hio ni short term

When you feel overwhelmed try this breathing exercise on the video.
Longterm, try to practice mindfulness and gratitude.
There are a lot of online resources for this.
You are not alone and at least you are self aware. It shall be well.

Kujia blunt boss