How do I stop drinking

Is there any main thing I can do to be a teetoler? Is there any diet or anything I can do to help me abhor pombe. Want to go hundred percent clean to alcohol no weed just p…y

nenda ukae na mamako…

Nv umbwa ghassia takataka

Go to any doctor and you will be sorted out

Just stop pouring alcoholic drinks into you’d mouth, it is that easy. Just stop.

Pitia threads za pombe. @cortedivoire alisema mwenye anataka kuwacha pombe aende akunywe na @PHARMACY, @Weyn, ,@poyoloko ,@MajorProphet na @uwesmake. Kunywa sawa sawa while in their company mpaka ubleki wakubebe saa ya kwenda home. Hutawahi guza pombe tena.

Declare youselfu poor. When I used to binge, i had some loose cash,saai majukumu iko left, right and center .I dont even have alcohol appetite.

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@chap wewe ni shoga , unauza mcuundur ukunda , unapenda kunyonya mboro za baruya. @chap chemsha maembe ukunywe supu mcoondur upate nutrients dio @uwesmake akilamba apate mango flavor

If you are here asking for help it means that you know you have a problem na pombe. Thats good. Someone has suggested you go cold turkey. It might work lakini sio rahisi.
Avoid bars, work extra and anza kutrain.

I can take you to the river


Care to report your progress?


to stop drinking just change your mindset

Have ever thought of suicide?

Damn, That is the last stage,Right?


Many have recovered from alcoholism, but some have not and ended up in the final stages - disease, debt, reputational damage, insanity, death

Here’s a summary of the steps (in no particular order) that those who recover take:

  1. Accepting the problem.
  2. Getting medical help for physical symptoms e.g. tumbo kusumbua, kukosa usingizi, mdomo kauka, no appetite, low attention span etc.
  3. Getting psychological help to rediscover yourself i.e. your goals, motivations, values, plans.
  4. Time management and change of environment (very important to cut off people you got drunk with)
  5. Knowing the triggers and learning to cope with them without alcohol.

This process above can take ages or days depending on how bad you want to change and if God is helping you.

Here’s a summary of the mistakes those who fail to recover make.

  1. Denying the problem or trying to explain it away (making excuses for your behavior).
  2. Not getting medical help when it’s needed and urgently, hence symptoms worsen. The curious thing is these symptoms are temporarily cured by more alcohol, so you only get worse over time.
  3. Not looking for psychological help to discover who they really are or want to be without alcohol.
  4. No life program. (Free style lifestyle with no timetable, measuring progress on goals etc). Kungojea ‘fom ijipe’ is a classic example of how alcoholics lack planning…Ati “tushike drinks alafu tujue niaje”
  5. Not knowing the triggers and saying “that’s how I am” or " ni life maze" " ni situation joh". Poor attitude and lack of self awareness is what makes this disease grow.

All the best. It’s possible. But some fail, don’t be one of them.

Anyone can quit, will power ndio kidogo

I mean why do you want to stop. We are all gonna die anyway so you might as well just enjoy the pleasures of life like alcohol. :D. I also wanted to stop and I did but I no longer see the need so I drink every chance I get because I enjoy it.

Good thing you accept the problem na unatafuta suluhu.
Identify what triggers you to start drinking. Cut that out. Be ready to lose friends and miss out on group activities zenye result into ulevi.
Join Reddit and seek helpful information huko. Join a gym too.