How do I know if I am radicalized?

Ndio nijisalimishe


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You are radicalized if you’re brainwashed to oppose the Kenyan people so badly that killing/harming them is an option.
This mostly applies to Muslims and Muslim converts who are Kenyans. Also applies to Cord supporters who want to sabotage the Jubilee government

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Step 1.strap on a suicide vest
Step 2.detonate the bomb
If u can read this then ni virusi pekee ndio ukonazo

This government is just groping in the darkness.

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haaa CORD supporters are radicalised too…

thats to the point, most opposition members Alai as their champion are radicallized, like this week he said that there is a lorry dumping Garrisa victims langata and it was a Nigerian pic.

I swear this is the dumbest bullshit I have seen in a long while.

So some blithering idiot expects someone who has been brainwashed into solemnly swearing to kill others and himself while at it, to just drop the bazooka, stretch their hands and ask to be hand-cuffed?

How styupit can you really get?

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Very stupid I guess. Like a junkie