How do i get the premium version of an app?

There is this great app that i have lakini kuilipia ni stress mob sana…if only they accepted MPESA…anyway I have no choice than to try and get the full version through other means.

Now I read somewhere in here that its possible to do that, can you guys help @daerro and @highschooler ???

weka debit card ya bank.

app gani hio haiko kwa torrent sites? :smiley:

@[SIZE=4]The.Black.Templar [/SIZE][SIZE=4]boss root phone alafu uweke luckypatcher… then patch the app inafaa kua kitu 40% ama 56% successfull for fully patch[/SIZE]

ama kuitafuta kwa torrents… they patch and upload huko

@Deorro any suggestion?

That is what I was looking for. Will try later when I get home


App gani to be specific?

Vile @highschooler amesema.