How Do I Get Jobs From Companies

Wadau morning to you all .For the last many months I have been going through economical strain .I used to work on YouTube videos with a friend but the channel got demonitized .I worked on it part time and it greatly boosted me .
My hustle was in branding(e.g elastic bracelets) .To begin with I worked with small groups maybe 10people 20 .So I realized I will never break even with that .Companies/Organisations were the way to go .This is how I have been doing it .
1.I made a simple business profile .
2.I research online for companies …lets say someone like Safaricom.
3.I make samples and approach their marketing people (Send via email and go in person ).I ensure to create friendship with at least one person in the company. For follow up purposes .
Despite doing all that I have not managed to get even one deal .Since I don’t have support from anybody else and the YouTube is still down , things have fallen apart .
Talkers thus my question , How do I get a job from these companies ? According to how I have stated above am I doing it wrong ?Thank you

If X is not working try Z.

maybe ur i the wrong industry

Cool thank you

Ambia hawa birrionaires wakupe kazi… Wakikataa nitafute lakini I am afraid my schedule is very tight. Am a busy man

Great initiative but you are trying in the wrong place

A company like Safaricom would not outsource anything to a nobody. You have no known profile, no credibility, have not done any major thing etc. No offense intended. Plus either way you cannot compete. You have zero knowledge of the tendering process, you most likely cannot qualify to even be recognized as a meaningful prospect to partner with, you have no connections/Goodwill from big kahunas

Approach SMEs and price your offering accordingly. Once you get your first contract you will get referrals through word of mouth plus you can use your first job to give other prospective clients an insight into your capabilities.


Sielewi unataka nini. Unataka kuadvertise youtube?

Ikishikana sana Kypter nitakutafuta mzito .Me huwa flexible naweza avail myself at a time of your convenience

Majority of what you’ve said is true .I take no offence …
Based on your advice let me change my strategy and start approaching SMEs…

No Youtube nilikuwa napost videos but hiyo channel saa hii haileti pesa .

Hustle yangu ni kumake bracelets kama elastic bands hivi and sell to companies .but nimeshindwa kupata job most companies nime approach .So hapa naulizia jinsi ya kufanya biz na hawa wasee

you also need to be active kwa social media so as to advertise sanasana twitter,fb,instagram and build your brand slowly…also make sure you are making unique stuff to capture clients attention and give them a reason to buy your products

How much were you earning pale Youtube and what were your average views?

your product should always solve the need of an organization or people,before you start a business think about that,if not you will be an after-thought and most people will not want you wasting their time.Who are your target clients,What need do your bracelets solve?.Otherwise you will keep on tarmacking.If your product provides a solution to something,investors will come knocking and you will get referrals,

Brand cups,plates, tshirts, bandanas,vehicles and anything that can be branded. Alafu use the same strategy you have been using. Enda kwa kibandaski and tell them you brand plates and tables they will give you business.

@Etiquette I have monetized YouTube channel, it you still have ideas to make money flow, we can talk.

For your business venture, I agree with grandpa, start by approaching SMEs. Make sure you have a smart business profile and a registered business or company. Work on your branding to make sure you are very professional, especially when pitching for business.

waiting for the answer

Go to highschools during events and make sales. Go to churches, their is always a big crowd outside after mass, sell. Go to busy matatu terminals, sell.

Great .lately I’ve been active there
.I’ve have to accept that it takes time to build a brand

Nice .Thanks a lot

Thank you I’ll polish my professionalism for I have been a bit sloppy there .
About your channel I am ready .Let me inbox