Guys,i know we been a family for a long time,since K-Lost days…

Yesterday,at around 11 am,my dad breathed his last,the pain is too much to bear…i feel lost,and honestly,i don’t really know how to deal with this…

I just…

Pole sana bro. May God grant you and your family strength during this painful days.
It will get better with time. Poleni

Poleni sanaa

Pole sana.

I strongly suggest professional counselling. In the interim, surround yourself with people; avoid being alone. Pole sana RIP

Pole sana…

Pole sana kaka

Pole man

Oh no! My condolences Mr

Always talk the last days of his life. You will accept he is gone easier

I know the pain you’re going through, with time things will gradually get better, pole sana

Time will heal the wounds.

Take courage .The pain of losing a loved is too much,but with time utapata nguvu

Izza mujamaa, celebrate the life that he lived. With time itakuwa easy on you … May your old man RIP.

Pole sana mdau nakuombea upate shifaa huu mda mgumu

Pole sana. It is never easy. Take heart, you are never given more than you can bare.

Be careful at this stage of grief and vulnerability as relatives will try to take advantage of you.

I hope you have sensible and strong siblings who will help give your father a dignified send off. If he lived in the village make sure you secure all asset ownership titles. Keep them away from the village home. Find out if he had any last wishes, will and debts.

You will find out that burying him is the easy part. Succession will be very challenging.

Pole sana… May the old man’s soul rest in eternal peace.