How did you know about klost and now ktalk???

Since we all crawled here after the demise of our cradle home klist I would like to know what you were doing till you bumped into klist,its pure curiosity

Hii swali ya upus tutajibu mara ngapi jameni? Kwanza ni senior villager anauliza. Naomba serikali.

I received a letter at the Ruaraka Post Office signed and stamped by all the moderators


Being a senior villager doesn’t pay my bills am just here to wind not to argue with dimwits


They came for me at 4 in the morning…

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What is the product if you mate a tortoise and a turtle?

I kept searching kwa google to see if the klost is back and running only to get a shocking story that the founder is dead…

Came to me in a vision while asleep…

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Why would one mate a tortoise and then after that experience again ferk a turtle? Is it that it has sweet P*?
Could the person ferking the tortoise and the turtle be on weed from Nyeri?
Wait, could it be @wonderful wonder’s friend or @MgangAlchemist or @Muranga etal


I meant crossbreeding, as in the tortoise sleeps with the turtle.

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okey. your dealer wins


I had a date with @Supu don, alipolewa akaniambia ako na side hustle kama mod wa Klist. That’s how I was recruited.

As they say Old is Gold Son…Am blessed to have a proper nose…Could Sniff my Old Pink handles ka @Purr_27 @Supu don … i always dream of em coz hizo paja walijua kunipanulia…Sijui ka ntaweza kuziona tena na vile nime -reform…


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:stuck_out_tongue: derailing

:D:D Relax… Just trolling

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Moses Kuria aka @Thirdman alienda wapi by the way??