How China has taken over the WHO and the U.N in general.

[SIZE=5]It is no lie that China’s ambitions on the global stage are yuuge.

Below is one of the better documentaries you will find out there. It is unbiased and quite factual. You won’t get this stuff on Communist CNN.

China took over WHO in 2006 with the appointment of Margret Chan Fung as the Director General. The whole world realised that China had arrived at the U.N proper.

Chan served for 11 years and turned WHO into a Chinese enterprise. Xi Jinping then threw in his weight and appointed the Ethiopian Teodros from Socialist Ethiopia to take over.

I sympathise with WHO because all this happened simply because no one wants to give them funding or takes them seriously. They are desperate and China has money. So they sold their soul to China.

China is now in charge of WHO, FAO , the UN civil aviation arm as well the UN arm that deals with technology and communications expecially 5G related tech.

China has infected the world with Covid 19 in retaliation to Trump’s trade war. Basically China is saying they are not to be fu.cked with. This is a very ruthless super power in the making.

The highly intelligent French President Macron asks “ni sawa mnataka kuwa super power lakini hivi ndio mtaendesha dunia kweli?”[/SIZE]



Why, China, why ?

China hakuna Stima as we speak, how will they take the world .

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Ama ni US army imekata stima ya Jinping mass murderer?


ni utiaji ya ‘The Accelerator’ , he banned coal from Australia and now CCP can’t generate enough power, floods have destroyed crops big time, n China is facing Epic food shortages.
there’s something going on with The Red Dragon, so @T.Vercetti , do you believe the theory that CCP pulled out 600 million people from poverty to middle class status ?

If they are this easily disrupted then that 600 million statistic is simply illogical.

And the next question one would ask is who has all the billions? Where do all the Chinese trillions go? Whose pocket?

China is that guy in the neighborhood, living large, splashing money around, lakini akipata homa, ni mambo na harambee.

Naonelea tusilipe hizo deni zao.

Mar a Lago will NOT be tRumps next domicile. Try Russia.

france imeumiza africa sana