How can this happen? Where are the men?

16 Million? Damn. It’s worse than I thought.

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Wee si umewacha hizi shida ukifuata wazungu? Ama hawakutaki? :rofl:


Black men are a problem everywhere. How can 16 Million black babies be aborted yet black man is doing nothing about it? It’s the woman campaigning against it. Black lives matter is an initiative of black lesbians. Kwani black men were made eunuchs? Do you think that white men would be sitting around doing nothing if 16 Million of their kids were being aborted? This shows black men don’t value and protect their seed. Wazungu wanikubali wanikatae siezi zalia mtu useless kama the black man. If its not a junguu I will explain to God why I kept off bearing chimpanzees offspring. Kitu mbaya ni kitu mbaya even if it’s the only option left. Huwezi chukua nyanya imeoza ati bcz chakula lazima iwe na nyanya. To me chimpanzees wameoza kama maiti. They destroy everything they touch. Leta wanaume wazungu to run Kenya and see it in six months. Meanwhile chimpanzees have run the place for 60 years and look at us. Siwachuki nawa dharau. Even if the last man left on earth is a black man I can never have his offspring. To propagate mediocrity and low IQ. Wacha tuu nikae please. Siwesmeki. Very useless beings. Bure kabisa. Ain’t it pathetic that the only chance you have is as a woman’s last resort? Is that something to be proud of? Like you have no otherwise except us? Why can’t you be first choice like Junguu men? Why can’t you make your County, country and continent the best? Kwani junguu have two brains when you have one? Me I don’t have energy and money to waste on raising a chimpanzee offspring which will come to be nothing but a burden in my life. Wacha nipambane na hali yangu and leave chimpanzees at the zoo where they belong.

You’re the type who think your shit don’t stink.