How Can Police Demolish A Mansion as Family Watches?

A man in Mombasa is counting losses after police officers stormed his homestead, ordered him and his family outside the 3-storey house and began demolishing it.

Speaking to the press on Monday, June 21, the owner of the house disclosed that the police arrived together with youth and ordered him out.

The house had several rentals and the owner lived on its ground floor.

In a clip shared by Citizen TV, the house was seen in different stages of destruction with mostly its walls destroyed and the top floor demolished.
Demolitions of Airgate Centre, previously known as Taj Mall in Nairobi

The incident irked elders in the area who condemned the act in the strongest terms possible. They claimed that the government did not intervene even as the family was robbed of its property.

Witnesses told the press that the officers claimed that they had a court order allowing them to proceed with destruction but declined to show the occupants of the house.


"My lawyer did not know there was a court order they came with. The Senator, who is our lawyer, asked them to show him the order but they declined.

“The OCS was persistent and ordered the youth to keep destroying the house,” stated a witness.

An elder in the area blamed the state for allowing such scrupulous individuals to continue frustrating individuals.

“The Kenyan government has not intervened to determine why absentee landlords are harassing people who are Kenyans. What freedom do we have in this country yet we cannot even own a title deed,” lamented the elder.

The incident which occurred in Mombasa is believed to be a dispute between the occupants of the house and an unnamed businessman.

The businessman had for a while staked claim to the parcel of land and is believed to have been behind the demolition.

“There is a case here that is in the court but it was not right for the action because the case is still in court,” claimed one of the witnesses.

The very same way that goons can steal an election and censor the real winner so he can stop making complaints.

The position of all evictees is always, “We were not given a notice.” Usually the notice has been years or decades running, with a hundred and one court injunctions to foot. Kama mtu ni squatter atoke. Pana sumbua.


Hakuna mtu rational anaweka time na resources zake kwa shamba inazozaniwa, mwisho itawa majonzi, premium tears.

You should have given your Arap Mashamba the same advice before he stole Muteshi’s land.

Muteshi’s kids are well-off people, where were they when politicians were using and misusing him for politics? Shamba sio kitu unaeza chukua ukaweke kwako chini ya kitanda, Ruto aliiba aje?

They chased him with weapons during PEV.

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Indians are very corrupt mofos. They started industrial style theft in government procurement and are very cunning land grabbers.

During Moi’s 24 year misrule, Indians used to visit him with briefcases full of money and dominated government infrastructure construction. Takataka sana

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Kaluworks ya Chandaria iko under NCBA for owing 4 billion shillings.

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A family friend has some land in Nairobi that has squatters on it. He keeps giving them eviction notices but they don’t move. The houses that are on his land are shacks. All he does these days is serve them every now and then and demolish anything new. Akienda apate nyumba mpya anabomoa.

I have seen people using Mungiki is such situations.

Hapo hata gava haikusaidii kama hutoi kitu mzito. Inabidi mtu achome hizo nyumba duni

Seems iko area prime or close to town enough for pipo to decide to squat as they commute for casual jobs. Ambia jamaa achangamkie any venture ata kama kuiweka secure na wall and let out as a yard instead of letting it stay idle/unoccupied. That’s a dangerous situeshen akicheza atarushwa na bigwig

Mnyonge hana haki hii kenya