how can i join illuminati ? ?

this is a question i have been asked by lots of GUYS pale inbox …

problem is that once i show you , u will become an instant millionaire …

so back in 2010 , i posted i help guys join illuminati …i received a call from an american landline , the voice was so familiar , very familiar …
i have never been to america but the voice was familiar , its when the caller introduced himself , it was none other than JaY Z.

YES jay called me , he 1st told me not to save that name or else something bad may happen to me . he asked me to call his wife B , PRINCESS OF DARKNESS, which
i did before he hanged up

I once received a similar call and they told me " @MachaaWaHadithi builds fake houses" na if I told anyone smtg bad would happen. They hanged up

Anyone can be a blind Satanist bila kujua.

enda pale luthuli tafuta nigerian… they will direct or rape you

What is this??


Machaa you are delusional… you need help.ata Ni heri tungekuchangia wewe kuliko omosh

Kijana wachana na bhangi

Kuwa mlumi if you got nothing to loose i mean you are all alone in this world no familly no wife no kids just nothing but i doubt if they accept you