How can i get a pink handle

Hello villagers, as the name suggests i am a Somali Lady.
I have been told you love and respect Somali women a lot.
I believe I will enjoy my time with you people,but first can someone show me how to get a pink handle

Fanyiwa sex change … pink handle sio ya macatfish

Kush mnusha tako niaje

Hehe… who’s that who has told you

My colleague from work

Why are you so rude ?

@SQNY we know your handwriting

Wapi clit ghaseer?

bingwa nini hukusumbua


wamhaee wanigaa wankudukdusooo wankutaka kudinywakhasooo

@admin is there anything you can do?

Yes, how can I help you?

@Bingwa, we can smell your skinny gay ass from miles away.

Who is this guy?

I need a pink Handle how can I get it

People have doubts about who you are and what you look like so the villagers need to see pictures of yourself so as to make an informed decision

Sorry, as much as i would like to do it and show you my Somali beauty, I cannot do it as this is a public forum

answer my question first…ni subject gani ilifanya ukakosa kupata A plain 27 years ago?

Hi im the admin.
pink handle @Violete ''displayed her beauty ‘’ to get the pink handle’s a standard procedure