How can I be internet Distributor... Wadua

Wadua, nilihamia new area na hakuna internet distributor reliable, nimeona kuna ka opportunity apa,
ule ako ni monopoly… After pay for mine alitake like 1wk indio acome ku configure…

In order nikuwe distributor bpi what do i need…

Utaweza nunua license ya frequency pale CA ama unataka kuekea raia internet mwitu? Alafu Wadua ni kina nani

Ni W-A-D-A-U
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Sawa Wadau… Ok. how much is the license, n what else is needed…

Am working on a similar project of setting internet Hotspots.

Keep me posted on the paperwork required especially by govt

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You can use the ‘‘free’’ frequency ranges not regulated by the Govt, but chances are you will face a lot of frequency interference from competitors with stronger devices, causing downtime to your users. Imagine yourself searching for an available frequency in the middle of the night coz of your users (@Tom Bayeye ) was busy wanking and just before nutting the internet failed. I would recommend fiber for home users, tumia ile vikingi ya stima to deliver it, a bit pricier than the Base station model, but more reliable

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Im sure pesa uko nayo tayari,the rest is easy

Anza safari ya kutembelea Communications Authority Kenya pale westy
you’ll need:-
-application for service provider license. This will include:
-Filling the application service provider form.
-Paying the application fee.( [SIZE=1]new proposal, operators deploying within a sub-county will only pay Sh1,000 in licence application fees, Sh5,000 in initial operating licence fees and Sh5,000 in annual operating fees for a 10-year licence.) kuna hidden charges[/SIZE]
-Submitting the official receipts.
-Obtaining an offer letter,Paying license fees.bonga na C.A.K ujue frequency charges kwanza kabla uchizi pale mbele
-Obtaining the applications service provider license.

Docs needed:-
-The filled applications service provider form.
-Certificate of incorporation.

  • Certificate of compliance.
  • A Certificate from the Capital Markets Authority. (embankment plaza hapo upper hill)
    -List of shareholders and directors kama mko in patnership ama ni sponyo.
    -Tax compliance certificate.
    -Identity cards of the director(s)

Once uko tayari…Set up. Consider,

-population and style of homes
-Topography ,since you need a clear line of sight from your relay site to your customers ,kama uko paipu,hama please
-Availability of fibre connectivity ,If you want to offer reliable internet
-choose fiber provider elink,skynet,Tabana,hawa wako reasonable

-Access to 115V AC power to plug your appliances.

  • A space to mount your internet infrastructure.
  • Easy access for your maintenance crew.
  • A clear line of sight to your customers. A clear line of sight back to your relay station or fibre,hii utaweka kwa tower kama uko mashinani .

Good luck mtu yangu

Naona unantamani kimapenzi wewe omba kinyambis pole pole

Ongea na Elder @kadinal he’ll familiarise you around this business, don’t think there’s anybody else kijijini who is in this business kama yeye. @kadinal saidia incoming protégé.

These people talking of oh license bla bla bla, hawa si entrepreneurs. Mimi kama mwanabiashara I can tell you, the first step you should take is to create a small prototype to verify your theory. In this case, just buy some Safaricom bundles + a signal booster ujaribu kuuzia watu uone kama watakubali. Now you will have verified the viability of the idea with just 15k and a month’s work. After that, now go the official route (or dump the idea if it wasn’t as lucrative as you were thinking)

Tafuta antamedia software (ni kama 40k) na CPU mzuri iko na speed mzuri with two network cards, install and configure then weka repeaters kadhaa ukitafuta market nayo. Hii software itakusaidia kumanage network bila kusumbuka ukipigia watu walipe

Dont listen to this upus …

Get capacity from an ISP kitu kama 10 mbps then set up a station using nano receivers for remote clients
Kama ni same building ,unafanya cabling from your cabinet .

He wants a full scale operation you ding dong


In a nutshell:

  1. Viability i.e availability of market is it an area with middle income and alot of teens with money?.
  2. Backhaul - Where is the nearest fiber point in your area and which providers are available.
  3. BTS location - As you will be doing fixed wireless have you identified a vantage high location for your BTS.
  4. BTS equipment - Are you familiar with the workings of Wireless equipment and networking in general as you will be running a network as an admin.
  5. Business and Accounting knowledge - Do you have this knowledge as you can be technical but not have business Acumen
  6. Business legality - My advice create a limited liability company or at the worst a business name and create Bank accounts a Business profile and also apply for MPESA PAYBILL.
  7. Power (Have a good power supply and have KPLC as a backup Solar is a good choice)
  8. Competition - What do you bring to the table that the competition is not giving?
    Answer this and I can advise further.

uku kila mtu ni mjuaji

Mimi nae ndio technician…
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