How are you surviving this cold weather?

I am neither a wanker nor a gay like nkom lo (name changed for obvious reasons). I am straight, the only problem is that hii baridi inaniswaga kuswaga, how can I keep warm from now till the end of July?, most of the chicks I know are currently being dry fried by their men as we speak (confirmed)

Sadia Mbrandha na mawaidha hapa

Mbisha ya inaniswaga kuswaga??? Otherwise receive this Honorary Degree in Hekaya[ATTACH=full]6438[/ATTACH]

Kunywa shang’aa, in you drunken stupor you will never know whether it’s cold or hot.

umeshachokoza nyuki

I guess am drunk, till this comment I hadn’t figured who the ferker was dissing.

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Boss si umeniingiza baridi, nimetense joh… pole mzito

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@chap = @Gnabry = @TIG na sio mimi nimesema



heheh comments joh