How are Maasai's classified as Nilotes?

This people are cushites bana and most probably closely related to Somalis. I don’t understand how Rendiles can be cushites but Maasai are Nilotes. Honestly just stop for a minute and tell me between Somali nomads and Luo’s who do Maasai people resemble most closely in physical and cultural terms ?

Look at the culture of Somalis and Maasai’s we’re very close. Circumcision, FGM (bad culture), Polygamy, nomadic lifestyle etc soo many similarities.

Okay now look at Luo’s with whom Maasai people have been classified with No circumcision, Fisher men, not nomadic, not similar physically . Bruh! this has been the greatest error in history. Sisi wariah we widely say Maasai’s ni wariah walipotea and inter married with other tribes but once in a while you find a Maasai’s that really look like a Somali

I urge the Maasai people to revisit this error in history. Ni hayo tu.

Plain nilotes. Hukufanya GHC pale Dadaab primary? Jaluo ni River-Lake Nilotes halafu wakale ni Highland Nilotes.

It’s not about looks and culture, it’s about language. Amharas are Semites and their culture is completely different from the Arabs and jews.

We need recolinization kutoa ujinga kama hii yako

Hii ni effect ya Ku drink too much camel milk… You start to reason like one.

Wow this brain of mine just scares me. All that i wrote above were my original thoughts so i do a little bit of research and what do i find? The KORE people. This people speak Somali but are believed to be Maasai’s. Yaana Maasai’s wanaongea kiwaria. There’s little bit of argument as to whether they are Somalis or Maasai’s.The researcher states that they speak Somali as a first language. Now how does this come about? My theory they are remnants of the original Somali (Maasai) people that managed to hold onto bits of the Somali language. I will do more research on them. Sasa nikiona Maasai dude ntakuwa namwita waria.

@MadPhilosopher has a point, how do you seperate the Maasai from the Rendile ?
These classifications were done by the colonialist back in the days. Wonder why we can’t reverse them scientifically ?

Whats next, convert them to Islam ? Nakuonea 18

Being a Nilote is more of the language than the phenotype or genetic makeup. Otherwise we may need some explanations here too, all men being ethnic somalis


I am no expert here but I believe a people can share cultural practices but have completely different language and classification. Maasais have since time immemorial traded with and married Kikuyu’s. My great grandfather was maasai.

Bruh i have more than a point. Talking about science… THIS ARE FACTS.
The E1b1b haplogroup has been observed at overall frequencies of around 11% among Nilo-Saharan-speaking groups in the Great Lakes area,[27] with this influence concentrated among the Maasai (50%).[25] This is indicative of substantial historic gene flow from Cushitic-speaking males into these Nilo-Saharan-speaking populations.[28
Outside Europe, E1b1b is found at high frequencies in Morocco (over 80%), Somalia (80%), Ethiopia (40% to 80%),

The E1b1b is basically the Somali gene. A Somali person has around 80% of it while Maasai’s have 50% of it!! Also if the tests were carried out independently on only Maasai’s excluding other Nilotes the percentage would be much higher.


pewa Honoris Causa

The primary identifier of ethnicity is language, stop introducing your own terms and dictating them as science, learn about definitions first. These are language groups not gene groups or skin colour groups.

These classifications were done mostly by Anthropologists, and their margin of error was enormous, at times missing the whole picture in totality.
Then, comes in the Geneticist, and the air is cleared up. The Education System in .ke ought to reviewed.

The maasai would have been named as the Plain Cushites, rather than Nilotes.

Then take it up with anthropology, there’s a reason why they are nilotes, their language origin is the same as the language origin of other nilotes notwithstanding their culture or appearance. Statistical data never lies, If you have a different opinion gather data, analyze it and publish.

There’s a stronger correlation btn language and ethnicity, than there is btn ethnicity and genes or cultural practices especially in Africa. That means that if you have a Maasai name, which assumes you can speak or understand Maasai, your Maasai ethnicity can be identified by that name more easily than by recognizing you are circumcised or by recognizing that you have a particular gene that may not be present in all your relatives or tribesmen. That’s why they are called language groups not cultural groups or gene groups.

Okay on the language part here we have Maasai women singing. Listen to the dialect of the language. Maasai and Somali people have a listen to both clips and tell me your thoughts on tone similarities. We correcting history today!!

Now have a listen of traditional Somali women singing.


The singing sounds the same, but the languages are not, that’s a similar cultural practice. It’s like saying taarab singers are Indian because they sing with a similar style.

Your 1994 A- doesn’t cut it in discourse analysis.

Everyone right now after LePhilosopher has conclusively proved Maasai’s are more of cushites using culture, language, Genetic and physical similarities taking down a century old myth that doesn’t make sense at all.

Maasai DNA

Studies of Maasai DNA taken from a sample of maasai’s revealed that;

50% of the individuals had Y-DNA of Haplogroup E1b1b1 (M35) - Eastern Sudanic Ancestry

27% had A3b2 (M13), associated with Pygmy and Khoisan Ancestry

16% had E1b1a1 (M2), Niger-Congo Ancestry

8% B2a (M150). Sandawe people, of Tanzania, closely related to the Khoisan of the Kalahari desert.

According to Elizabeth Wood , it would appear that the Maasai are remnants of an older culture whose language went extinct after prolonged contact and interbreeding with Nilotic peoples. The distant ancestors of the early Maasai were a mixture of members of two ancient African hunter-gatherer cultures.