How And Why???

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this photo… Kuna mtu hajaweka priorities zake right, then again he could be visiting family.


or he is employed as a driver

if u can buy this car and hire someone to drive it…then naweza uliza kama @mayekeke how and why?

Ona hizo zingine, akina starlet na passo, james bond atalia akiona hii

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you forgot, these estates are for kept women maybe he is visiting the mpango wa kando

If you can afford this ride you should also have more cars for different functions… anyway lets not split hairs, the point is that you should not be living in this neighbourhood

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Mwambie ai ingize kwa parking haraka kabla ule mlevi wa range rover apite nayo

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  • just a blonde moment* hio ni gari gani? Haki walai when it comes to cars mimi si shikanishangi any!

aston martin however dont know which DB series


“Steve Austin 316 GT” manufactured by the former WWF wrestler

You could also clint this link and see more rides…

When i was growing up my adoptive folks had several rides at the upcountry home i never cared for them but my big bro whenever he was around during school holidays would mara open the bonnet, mara check the battery, dip stick the oil, buy a coke and wash the battery terminals,wash the car, start the engine etc the reason i never wanted to associate with my paps cars was because everytime he would take them kwa garage kisumu he would leave me in scorching kisumu sun from kedo 9am in the morning with the mechanics with no lunch money, considering i was in school with no money i had to yawn the day away, he would re appear at around 5pm in the evening with a toothpick and would casually dismiss my pleas that i was hungry by suggesting that home is only 30mins away and besides mom was preparing a suptous meal for supper for the family hence no need for late lunch! Since those days i hate cars and garages…
Infact whenever my bro wasnt around moms would pick a fight with me every friday " for failure to prepare a mzee’s car for the weekend
Since he would be coming upcoutry that weekend"

Ps. I have a driving licence that i took in april 2007 after attending heltz driving school, never renewed, never touched a car ever since!


Traumatised for life. It happens. Sad.

Ok, I feel you, I am also not a die-hard motoring enthusiast but where possible I prefer driving myself rather than putting my life in the hands of some of these crazed public service drivers.

And then when i go to my movie bootleg i see peeps buying ati top gear!!! How i see the show on mbc and quickly flip the channel id rather watch sensational cnn all day!

Si matalkers munakuwanga na umafi sana. Kwani huyo mboyz hawezi tembelea maboy wake juu ako na mutokaa ya nguvu

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You are not alone. Dad had a lorry and his beloved pick up. Still I feel He loved it more than His kids. I was in class four when He bought the pick up. Then He was a learner. He offered me a ride, but He could take a three point in our compound.

I know not if it was cheekiness or what but I shifted the gear. The ride ended there and the beatings started. it was the first time He beat me and the only time.

since from then I had cars. I took my BCE license in 2005 in two weeks. Never renewed and I rarely drive.

Hii sasa ndiyo ile trauma inasababishwa when you seem to value property/things over people.

I’m a huge fan of cars myself though I don’t drive. No way I’d pass up a top gear episode.

mbona hatupatani?

Mnaongererea juu ya trauma coz of a gear shift, what of us who have scars on our bodies?

Scars za nini, gari au baiskeli? Kama ni za gari tunazo pia, physical as well as psychological.:slight_smile: