How and why Raira chose never to be kenyan president

its four times that Raira claim that he have been rigged out presidential victory by the people in government. he was good in molasses and maize scandal yet he only fail to rig them in a simple election. if you have been rigged, its your time t rig them so that they feel what you felt when they did so to you. here Raira chose not to rig hence chose not to be Kenyan president.

With KIEMS, it was hard to rig, especially by ballot stuffing ile amezoea. The legendary numbers that he usually got from luo nyanza were clipped. The highest he got was 86% from homabay. Normally Kasipul kabondo would give him 104% with the rest being over 98%. Jamaa hata sahii anajua kwenda SC ni upuss tu


Its simple really RWNEBP!!!

“Wanasema Kanu iliiba kura uliza huyo Kibaki alipata kura ngapi Nyeri na registered voters ni ngapi” President Moi telling off the opposition after 1997 general elections.

He will be 79 2022.Last shot…Like Bernie Sanders

First things first. Are you RWNEEEBPORK or UOTP?

Wharrayousayin ??

what fucckary is this ?

Mungai claimed that POs and ROs were adding between 4-10 to Uhuru’s tally at the polling stations. which is outright impossible since every ballot was accounted for.

As someone said, he is only using the supreme court to concede.

Theoretically, this is not impossible. In fact, it was the only way to rig election with the current system. In each polling station of around 700 registered voters, it’s easy that 20-30 or more voters will not turn up on election day. Some are dead, some travelled, or even some just don’t want to vote. If you collude with the clerks at all polling stations to make sure that they give 2 ballot papers for presidential candidate to only 30 voters, then at the end of the day there will be an extra 1.2million votes! However, this is practically not possible, you can steal from friendly zones but not everywhere. Also, adding more than 20 votes can be a red flag especially where you expect high voters turn out. In addition, such preparation will require a lot of time and lobbying for the right people to be employed by IEBC. The scheme will leak within no time. So, to some extent, I felt like the only way to rig this election was through hacking into the system. If it was never hacked, then hii story mingi tumalize, Ouru aapishwe na Kenya isonge mbele!

The votes cast was not supposed to exceed the voter turnout. so if a polling station had 650 people and only 450 turned up to vote, you couldn’t have the cumulative votes exceeding 450. that is valid votes plus rejects plus contested had to be 450. Not more or less. Otherwise ingeleta shida.

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