How and when do supermarkets employ their workers?

I don’t know how much supermarket workers are paid but given the levels of poverty in our country, I guess they are doing better than many many people. This means they can afford to live comfortably even in nairobi. Ofcourse I’m aware some small supermarkets exploit their workers by paying them 5k with only one day off per month.
I have never seen an advert announcing jobs at Nakumatt or Tuskys or the new supermarkets in these big malls. For those who know, how does someone end up working at these supermarkets? I guess it is knowing somebody who knows somebody and so on. Tell me I’m wrong?

They continously hire, lakini kujuana is definately a plus

Kwanza nakumatt lazima iko ukora iko huko ,hao wafanyikazi Kitunguu yao hunuka vizuri trust me.

They use agencies

When they want to hire, the managers and supervisors are the ones tasked with bringing new people and at any given time, they have contacts of people looking for employment whom they can call at a very short notice.

‘Who you know but NOT what you know’

Nakumatt nikama kwa muhindi tu … kama iko vacancy Mutua anaambiwa alete cousin yake kama anaweza

But I heard Nakumatt pay well kwa zote

5K!! Really Nairobi ama lodwar??

In most instances you would need a current worker to introduce you as a form of guarantee. And then we have others who recruit from extended families.

ni kujuana. i know of a guy who got a job in tuskys. after a year his brothers were working there. he helped a cousin get a job there who in turn helped another na with time naona watu wa kwetu watajaa huko

you just drop your documents at the customer care desk then they send them to headquarters office & hope for the may not be worth the effort unless, like someone just said, nikujuana.