How a Differential gear works

Car enthusiasts will understand the joy of learning how a differential gear works.I frequently come across this term ‘limited slip differential’ so i decided to learn what this differential gear is, it’s quite wonderful how man has mastered engineering.For those who don’t know what a differential gear is, now is your chance.


Hata kama huyu mzungu amedharau sisi waafrika, vitu zingine anafanya ni uerevu mtupu

Enyewe saa ingine utapea mzungu credit yake. Sasa sababu tunasemanga mzungu aliiba mali yetu, technology nayo aliiba?

Its not that the african couldnt develop such technology, only that he had primitive culture. Rather than find a solution, the african prefers to run or go around the issue.

atleast sasa nimeelewa… nilikua nimesoma hii mamabo tenee kwa encyclopaedia laini sikuelewa sasa

kasumba ya mzungu imewatawala fikra zenu.

The first time I ever saw ‘Limited Slip Differential’ was on the then Isuzu TFR pick-up (that succeeded Isuzu KB and is the precursor of today’s D-Max). Strangely, I saw one of them last week and decided to look up the limited slip differential online.


So pia hizi mkokoteni hutengenezwa kutoka kwa axle ya gari huwa na differential.

504 pickups pia zilikuwa na hiyo logo hapo nyuma

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hapo kweli lakini hii mbeberu idea aliiba from the arabs and chinese…lakini he made it better…shida ya mwafrika ilikuwa limited contact with the rest of the world so we only exchanged ideas with fellow mud dwelling tribes

I noticed that badge on my neighbor’s 504 GR way back in 1988. Didn’t get what it meant till a decade later.
Next lesson, transfer case.

Quite insightful. Especially the second video

Are you sure aliiba differential kwa waarabu. Really?? Give credit where its due. What has the arab ever made?? Why is it that the chinese has to copy cat everything without making an improvement of it?? I dont think car manufacturing tech was borrowed from chinese too.

What ideas did the african have anyway. Chinese had some primitive tech, but never bothered improve it.
Chinese ‘south-pointing’ chariot, c 2700-1100 BC; Credit: Science Museum/Science & Society Picture; Rights: Science Museum Library UK;

soma pia kuhusu this matter hapa The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by Badi’al-Zaman Abū al-'Izz ibn Ismā’īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī

the chinese of today may copy cat everything, but their ancestors were great inventors so were the arabs, indians etc

You didnt have to go through the internet to fish some hypothetical stuff to prove nothing. It remains that the differential was invented by European engineers.

Hiyo link

“The hypothesis that there were south-pointing chariots with differential gears originated in the 20th Century. People who were familiar with modern, e.g. automotive, uses of differentials interpreted some of the ancient Chinese descriptions in ways that agreed with their own ideas. Essentially, they re-invented the south-pointing chariot, as it had previously been re-invented several times in antiquity. Working chariots that use differentials have been constructed in recent decades. Whether any such chariots existed previously is not known with certainty.” (courtesy of wikipedia)

sawa wacha fujo
Hiyo link ya Wikipedia section ya history of the differential seems to suggest it was known in ancient times in China ama mimi ndio nasoma vibaya? All the wazungu engineers did was to improve on a concept that was already known…no invention

Buda si hiyo text nimeweka courtesy of wikipedia uweke kwa search na itakupeleka to the place it was extraxted. There is no connection between the car differential and that pointer chariot. That is what the text means if a little admission means anything to you.