Housing Market...demand and supply!

Long time ago when @imei2012 was studying cpa pale vision institute of professionals hapo globe roundabout( 2007 to 2008 any lister who
Was there that time? ) I remember mr saitoti my economics lecturer teaching me about demand and supply, prices and market equilibrium however the housing market in nairobi seems to be defying everything i was taught. Everywhere you go in nai buildings are rising up left right and center and faster than an eye blink yesterday’s playgrounds tommorow highrise apartments however sijawai skia rent imeshuka infact my landlord increases rent by 10% yearly since 2013 and salary has refused to grow up like his siblings bread fuel and cost of living at this rate i think its just safe to pack and head back to state of virginia ( read vihiga county) maybe i will be better off tending to the farm and drinking tusker costing ksh110 na gk ksh 130 !

mnataka muambiwe Mara ngapi si lazima uishi Nairobi?

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Confrontation ni ya nini kaka some of us job tunafanya haziwezi kua devolved to counties trust me i would have and gladly went ocha kwetu

The whole market might collapse. I’ve been watching it but that may be in 30 years and not in all areas. If it becomes sensible and possible to grow the city vertically, the prices in far off areas may plunge.

Its a bubble ive been waiting to burst for so long…but believe me it will burst.Maina kageni huchocha watu na hizo ploti anauzanga in the middle of nowhere but soon they might be worthless.

I will tell you this. Nunua Kiwanja utengeneze nyumba. Don’t worry if it takes you 5 years to save for the plot and 15 years to build. 20 years from now you’ll be thinking “man, I should have built a home for myself before these Chinese came and bought all the lands.” The Chinese have money and will buy everything they can. They plan long-term.
I just bought kakitu in Thika.
Good luck

What factor will precipitate the collapse? Folks have been talking about the collapse, whist the market seems to be on an unassailable trajectory!

Thats how the US housing sector looked before it experienced a catastrophic collapse.

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That collapse, if it ever happens, must surely be far far away. The U.S. market is very different from ours. Theirs is primarily debt driven, ours is mainly cash based. Just look at how many mortgages HF has given since independence.

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yep, some call our approach conservative, prior to the 2008 collapse, owning a home in the U.S was just a phone call away

Nevertheless everything has its limits…maina kageni and his bunch of speculators cannot turn this into an economic activity…land is precious i agree but there is an upper limit to which it doesnt make sense to buy.


Quite a lot of sense there @Davidee

Me the rate at which rent is going up is appalling to me and in the media I see people getting deals worth billions and talking about a billion as if it is little change that a shopkeeper is returning to you in some remote village… Will I ever make it? I earn just few thousands monthly

Land is the only thing they don’t make anymore.

Think about that.


everywhere i turn this economic shit by the name price bubble…consider factors like money laundering, population explosion, the crave for nairobi life…moneylaudering thru pirate money which made land around runda and gigiri extendin to other areas become xtremely xpensive{you are offered 100 million for land worth 5 million}…rem watu wanazaana na nyumba ziko less,the solution may be condominium approach[buildin all the way to the sky now that their is scarcity of land


Two quotes that guide me when investing :

  1. Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.
    —Warren Buffett
  2. “When even shoeshine boys are giving you stock tips, it’s time to sell” —Joseph P. Kennedy

Those waiting for the market to collapse will have to wait a while longer, unless demand decreases which is very unlikely, land prices and rent will continue increasing, if you have money invest sooner than later.

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Are the Chinese really buying up our country? @Owuadn That is scary. Wengine wetu ata first job hatujapata, kununua land ni 10-15 year plan kutoka saa hii. Heri kupool resources lakini, buy a prime plot, build 20 floors up.

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The Chinese are buying everything and everywhere. Not just in Kenya, but worldwide. They’re buying companies, buildings, natural resources and big government contracts.
Kiwanja is one thing you MUST get in debt for unless you don’t mind to be a slave for rent. Kiwanja appreciates in value every year

Fullstop na comma ni muhimu omwami. Yeah. I agree Nairobi is an overrated stinking hole.

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