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2 Billions of real estate to be auctioned. That is a lot of wakanyama with no pigsty. To all the people who built shyt flats in the hope of covering mortgages with inflated rent. Market forces will correct the injustice of exorbitant real estate prices. Zile nyumba zilikuwa for sale pale olx last year are still for sale. Kuna zingine huko ngong where a unit is ksh. 50M…in this economy. That is 500k USD…you could own a beachfront property in Tampa with that kind of mulla!

Hii tumeona waiganjo…

Pole. I did a search na sijaona. OP aliandika na lugha gani

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The Chinese real estate investor that owns Erdemann property has really taken over the housing industry. He sells quality and sizable apartments at very good rates and I think ndio kwa maana zile nyumba za HF zinaitwa Komarock Heights have very few takers. They’re smaller in size and almost double in price.
Mhindi wa Greenspan alikuwa na bahati he constructed and sold his overpriced units before Uhuru destroyed the economy.
I hope the Chinese investors can start building 1 bedroom apartments that go to 30 floors because those are the hotcakes!