House to let-1broom

hello talkers,am looking for a 1broom house to let where i can easily access the CBD.
Budget maximum of 10K
A place where security is good.

kuya kwangu ni buye, na eklea mbisha yako ama sketch, askin for a fyiend

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Na hio bei ile cbd unaeza access ni ya lokichogio


Choose ONE
a) Cheap(10k) 1br house without security e.g eastleigh sec 3/kiambiu, pango/mlango kubwa, huruma, jogoo road
b) Expensive 1br house in a secure area. e.g westlands, kilimani, parklands, Muthaiga,


Toa jina security and you will be spoilt for choice. Safaripark view(Githurai 44 & 45),mwiki, kasarani,cayole, baba dogo, muthaiga view(mathare). You are welcome


Umoja Innercore

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Did you ever find/buy the YouTube channel?
Cheki hapo juu. Toa security na hakuna mahali hautapata. Tried athi? Or fedha?

Githurai, Roysambu around TRM, Kasarani, mwiki ! karibu u-eastlando…

I have a vacant one bedroom but the asking price is 14k and since you are a talker you are ineligible since you will blow my cover. Excellent location.

So heri mtu akufe, na asiblow cover? We are all human being.


How much is the rent per month in those places you have said are expensive?

Roysambu around TRM ni expe,not even a bedsitter atapata. But akiteremka ma kamiti road to zimmerman,just five mins away aingie na njia co-op hapo atapata na 10k-13k

Not yet uko nayo?
Anyway, any contact of where i can get one in fedha?

Roysa is okay with me, saidia contacts

10k for a talker???

si unajua vile tenants ni nosy ,atachunguza ajue jamaa ni caretaker ama agent




rongai utapata

Acha kuwa lazy. Hit the ground and search for it. :mad::mad:


Kuja tuishi mami, Imagine you’ll be paying 5k badala ya 10k and mind you ,the place is fully furnished .Come with your clothes ONLY.:smiley:

Try kiambu…

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