hot lady that nearly cost Kosewe his life

According to reports, the two friends started exchanging harsh words shortly after bumping into one another at a popular joint along Thika Road.
It is said that moments after he walked in, Osewe approached Mboya (a friend), who was having a meal and asked him what he and his wife Stella Mwende were up to.
It is at this point that Mboya drew his pistol and fired three shots towards Osewe in rapid succession; two bullets reportedly lodged into Osewe’s abdomen while one hit his leg.


Hot lady?

What happened to ronalo restaurant?

Covid has effed up the empire

Ooh boy… rapid and quick expansion has negative effects . Most people think immediate expansion of businesses leads to quick profits… wrong

That Kosewe story neraly strained relations between Nigeria and Kenya:


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Ironically anaitwa Stella Mutheu!!!


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Unless the meaning of the word hot changed, I don’t see anything close to hot there