Hot Instagram Slayqueen.

Counting them dollars after a hard days work.Hii kunguru siku hizi imepanda bei. She only takes payments in Dollars,Euros and Pounds. Kama wewe ni peasant pale Instagram don’t even think of sliding into her DMs,mashillingi peleka sabina joy :D:D


ikus ni ile ile.


Huyu dem aliamua tu at once that she wants that good life, akaenda photoshoot zingine kali then packaged herself vizuri. siku hizi trips za Thailand tu ndio zake. If she retires I would hire her as my marketing manager juu she is good at marketing products

post nut clarity must have hit hard for the nigga

Imagine paying $2000 for this average pussy. PNC would hit like a truckload of bricks:D

Hehehehe. Hii Biashara is usually very good. Lots of money. Packaging is everything. Would post dossiers but wewe Deorro ni meffi

Iko chini sana.

hakuna dossier uko nayo yenye hatujui

Alisanya huyo victim

Stupid fool. As you put this basic beach on a pedestal, I guarantee you there are guys currently hitting it for free. These sponyos and rich husbands are usually hopeless beta males, so these ladies always keep a Jowie on the side(alpha male hunk) to give them some good deek. Kwanza jamaa anahit bure most likely anapelekwa out na hizo madollar.

Why would someone pay to hit this? She’s a 6/10 at best. My nanny is hotter than this.

@digi post hio ndosia

Haka na venye kako kadogo…

Huyu hata Mia mbiri atashukua customer. Dollar Ni ya kutaja…

Oh Jesus lord! We have nannies in Kenya now?

Ktalk birionare:D

Mzungu wants the melanin experience. Light skins walituachia tupiganie sisi waafrika

Rule #1 of slaying: Show them your worth.

Now no peasants will approach her and birrionaires will be all over her

Americanisation of the Kenyan society iko on top gear