Hot as Lava Jalango exposee ( undercover)

Juzi a silverstoneair plane was unable to take off, More than 2 hours after the incident, silverstoneair tweeted that “The passengers and crew have all safely disembarked…”

That’s quite a stretch from what really happened.

In reality, 4 passengers were transferred to hospital, 2 with serious injuries, 1 of which required a call out for blood needed for her immediate stabilization and subsequent major surgery.

The passenger that required emergency surgery broke an arm and a leg in the incident. After surgery at Nairobi Hospital she was transferred to New York for further treatment.

On noticing that their image may suffer irreparable damage, they set their influencers to work.

This was to calm down people and to make people think that it was a small incident, unluckily, civil aviation authorities gave a different true version of the events, see here
[ATTACH=full]265186[/ATTACH]then Jalango started abusing customers who asked questions by making fun of them, and if you requested for a refund or raised questions to silverstoneair they blocked you

[ATTACH=full]265187[/ATTACH]i mentioned here on their leaking engines, Chungeni sana, msiseme sikusema


hii kenya , nobody cares about anyone else …we are savages

Ndege ingine ianguke tuanze maombi

:D:D yaani jalango amepata rupesa jana tu na ashaanza tumatusi

Haki lately Mimi nimekuwa kipenzi Cha Silverstone…I left 540 thinking this is better…

ukiona ndege influencers wanatumia ni akothe na jalango jua wanadharau customers wao,

How did I know this was a digi thread


@digi kihíí

niite zoophiliac ,but ile ndege nishawai panda ni kuku tu!!

Boss uko na akili kama ya ding’oing’o,just coz ndege moja imedunda,zote zitadunda? Emirates waliangusha yao kwa runway during landing,did that stop anyone from flying? Can’t blame you tho,you’re just being human

Ghaseer, kwani Kenya ni dubai

Nyamaza,poonder,wewe ile ndege unajua ni kuku:D:D:D


Emirates wako na capacity ya kuangusha ndege na wapatie family gift ya 15 million mkingoja compensation. Silverstone wakiangusha ndege wanatuma jalang’o akuje kukuchafulia jina

We are waiting for full report from Kenya aviation authority in regards to what happened to silverstone plane. So for now they should cease from cleansing there brand using jalango and the other crazy lady.

Looks like you think ndege Ni magari za kayole, educate you.

1, any airline whose plane crash is put under investigation for obvious reason- maintenance
2,any type of a craft that crsh affect.all planes of that type…

The accusations towards Silverstone is on maintenance,not just management issues…

Can’t argue with you on that field. First off my air miles are enough to buy you and your air miles combined,tusiende huko eti school me,priss nitakumaliza:D:D:D