Hosting laravel framework app

hello guys, I am new to laravel framework, I made a project in laravel, a forum but does not have as many features as KTalk.There is the question on where it is best to host,should it be VPS server or shared hosting?

i see that shared hosting may have some permission problems,VPS is ok since if your a Linux user, but the pricing is high. Any thoughts?

I mis spelt the thread name,but i think you get the message

VPS is the best, speed space upgrading the software etcc
I use digital ocean $5 per month for 1gb/15gb. My app has a good response speed

VPS is you are serious about what you are doing. you can look for VPS that has a proper email service.

could you mention a few that provide email service,maybe links to the sites?

i was planning on using to handle emails,but i think this is a better option

digital ocean at 5$ a month si mbaya, then you scale pole pole. Lakini uwe na offsite backup with frequent backups ama utalia siku moja

with a VPS you can host your own emails. Just install postfix then configure SSL/TLS and SPF as a minimum.

Wow, I should try this

Acha sasa niingie google nianze "how to… "
Thanks lakini

sound ya windows xp yangu inakwaruza ikifunguka, shida inaweza kuwa nini?

power or virus

You can still host laravel on a shared host, but as you have been advised, get a VPS. Jaribu, MTN, Safaricom (local) - or - AWS, MS Azure (global).

when using a vps for emails configure zoho , iko poa been using it for a couple of years ( , as for the vps , me natumianga digital ocean