Horror fans

2021 is good year for hardcore horror fans here’s something to keep you late through out the week.

1 The queen of black magic- movie is from asia, expect some scary shiit

2 The conjuring, devil made me do it

3 wrong turn 2021 foundation

4 quiet place 2- start with the 1st installment if you haven’t watched it

And offcourse a series that is really entertaining but not horror genre is mandalorian, am not a star wars fan but this series is really good, I give 8/10

Thank you elders

I’m not a horror fan but I love how The Conjuring has a universe of its own like the MCU.

I used to be a huge horror fan but nowadays I can’t stand the earrape from from sudden, predictable loud noises.

No no no i disagree with you, wrong turn 2021 was a huge disappointment. Conjuring and quiet place were good. Tunangojea: Antlers, Halloween, Don’t Breathe 2

Dune,Top gun and maybe Mobius.
Antlers inaanza when mdau? Hio sikosi,trailer yake ni wazimu

Antlers inatoka around September

Ahsante sana, naona weekend nina stock. Have watched 2 and 4. 1 lazima nitafute

Wrong turn is gory bullshit, took a nose dive

Horror movies are satanic. They induct people into normalising demonic activities like murder and sucking human blood. It’s just better to stay away from them.

i love horror but i dont watch slasher, Zombie and extra gore Vampire bloodsucking shows. sipendi kuona ati blood all over human meat being sliced its just wrong.

but horror ya supernatural stuff all day every day exorcist priests, giants ,ghosts but i also dont like the demons with black eyes

A Quiet Place 1 and 2 really hit me… Movie has like 5 Lines only but ile tension iko… Unashtukia u have been watching for 1 hour what to you feels like 10 Minutes… Can’t wait for the 3rd Installment

Mandalorian is it a better Orville?

hizo specifications, itabidi uende u-act zako

zilizopo zinaoana na vitu unadiss

Chifu hizi ni gani tena?