horrible fools day prank.

today morning when I got to work, a hell bound supervisor gave me the sjork of my life. she is a close family friend and knows most of my comings and goings.
she called me into my office, closed the door, and with a terrible face, she proceeded to inform me that a mother to my child was attacked by crooks last night. then dropped the shell. that the lady is dead. and further, that my child’s life hangs in the balance. imagine that. I almost went mad. five minutes later, she bust forth laughing. ati , its fools day. haven’t recovered yet.

some people bare heartless kweli. still contemplating firing her. it was bad. real bad.

that is sick

mpatie DF session na hatawai rudia tena

pole sana jo… ata mimi nimepimwa mafi na rafiki… ati sister wake alikua mgonjwa jana usiku akapelekwa hosi sasa nimsaidie na credit aongee na yeye ndio ajue ako wapi…


some pranks are not pranks. they are sadism.

@highschooler , nisaidie kupata location n contact za @uwesmake …ntakuipa

Sorry for that.

haha walai uko serious?!?! mangapi?!






my baby moma tried to pull one one me this morning and it never went pretty well…



hehehehe @vuja de

Kuna mbleina anataka kuwekwa mbox hapa na hana ripoti, nani kaa rada

Highsc utafunguliwa boot chunga

ata nimeingizia aki wah

some pple just dont know where to draw the line. pole man i cant begin to imagine how i could have handled it

I also pranked a certain Talker that she’s cute, na akaamini.

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huyo sii @Unicorn , @Lola- ni mjanja. tumebakisha uwes.

Athiest wa Boni wa CU,niaje?