Honor to inlaws when spouse dies

A buddy is a situation where his wife passed on… She had eldery parents who she used to support since she was most stable amongst her siblings… Now! What is way forward for my guy… Does he owe them anything… Pengine pesa za wife kwa account, ama amount from mchango send off… Ama monthly stipend… Hataki kuwa kosea heshima even though their marriage dint last more than three years… Way forward wangwana… Kindly…

Buy them a burial plot in Lang’ata as a gift. Chew popcorns during the burial with your eyes shaded by huge glasses. Don’t give a damn. Death is part of nature!!

wueh…noma sana

You must be a black widow mungich from kabete…

just a bungalow then jitoe

angalia it from the other angle, unaona if it were the woman amebaki na bwana kufa, would it have been possible the other way round?


You’re one cold ass bitch in your endeavors to be funny. Sometimes it is best to shut up.

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Those are his In-laws, forever. Whatever support he can afford, he should give them.

Are there fruits from the marriage?

You forgot to switch handles.

Labda apewe sister ya the late… Hapo ni 50/50

Are kids in the pic? An uncle lost his wife and the wife left a young one behind the inlaws “offered” a younger sister to the wife “to come and help with the toddler” though he politely declined they keep in touch and lets the kid visit them

Yep a little kiddo, she died during child birth…

It’s not his responsibility but he should help the in laws within reason. The late wife siblings should work towards providing for their parents.

Then his priority is the kid …he should not sever ties but maintain a calculated distance it’s now the remaining kids to Carter for their parents after the demise of the wife…this is an African setting and just like one talker has said should the reverse had happened would the wife stick around the dudes parents ? Maybe visit once in awhile but your guess is good as mine

not good

I had an inkling this is what happened. So sad! Too many otherwise healthy, young women are dying during childbirth.
If your friend is financially capable and the parents are in dire straits, he should continue assisting until a point where the lady’s relatives are in a position to take over.

If he is from the mountain he should do this.
Go and take Bride price as he had already stayed with wife and hadn’t divorced.
If they had a kid he should be visiting them from time with a shopping kiasi.
But any other support he should cut.

Family issues can be tricky, my take would be unless they explicitly ask for specific help, he should try keep a respectful distance, especially given there are other siblings.
Otherwise one might have good intentions, lakini it might be misconstrued.