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Apart from hybrid cars and electrics is there another car which is cheaper to run as far as fuel consumption is concerned? My AVERAGE consumption on a Honda fit is always 25 km per litre and one of the best I have ever managed is around 40km per litre… This is from a 1330 cc 2007 model…
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:eek: damn manual or auto this is quite impressive?


let me post my kpl. ama wacha tu

There was a lister that had a RunX forgot his name, he used to try and push his consumption as well wacha aje atueleze

but one thing I know the honda fit is very fuel efficient. one of the best out there

this is standard if you have a manual

I think your calculation is all wrong

A popular myth is that Toyotas are the most fuel efficient, but the reality is that Honda, Ford and Nissan top the list of the most efficient small and mid sized engines.

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true but very boring to drive, ild like to know the consumption ya Run X though??? nani ana habari???

If you are looking for better consumption per km you should talk to @The.Black.Templar he got nice wheels that runs to close to zero.


How? The car calculates, The 37kml I managed that on a 30km section so that is also average.

I used to think the same way but 1330 is only 170cc shy from a 1500cc car, plus the Honda fit has 8 spark plugs thus very efficient in burning fuel…


efficient consumption and fun to drive are usually mutually exclusive. unless it is a sequential twin turbo

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i like @Elin already!! not very many people even know what a spark plug is!! are you a petrolhead?

true! :cool:

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If the car is automatically calculating for you then, my bad

My third car… So I am informed in all to do with cars.

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The Honda fit has a system that compares the fuel being burned and the millage… I find it very efficient coz I can do a 100km section with fuel worth ksh 350. (Around 3.5litres)

Is that 8 cylinders or 2 spark plugs per cylinder