Honda fit vs Toyota Ractis

First time car buyer. I want a cheap to buy and maintain car that also has decent boot space. I will be using it 80% for commuting to and from work around Nakuru town and around two times a month kukuja Nairobi. I also intend kutembea Nayo kuexplore nearby tourist attraction sites and maybe to carry my bike and occasional camping. Most of these I’ll be doing alone or with one other person. Which of the two suits me? Kama kuna alternatives pia share. And for those who inevitably wata suggest 2.5 L and above 4x4’s sina hiyo capacity.

I have driven my bro’s mazda demio 2010 na sikupenda vile hizo viti ni ngumu sana. It also has an extremely plasticky interior. He has replaced its rear torsion beam twice, anasema sio gari ya kuendeshewa barabara zetu.

ur needs haziambatani na gari umemention. those are city commuter vehicles. drivetrain, design all those first don’t support any off road well. so tourist sites,camping nje.
on to the question, honda fit def suits the city commute and reliability/power ratio alternatives ni utafute a clean used station wagon kama fielder , caldina, wingroad. def cheaper and way more functional for camping and bike mounting as the have better load space.

Go for a zoom zoom. You will get more ass than a toilet seat.

I will speak of Honda fit, it is spacious than it looks, visibility all round is excellent, returns good gas per millage, and being Honda you expect it to be reliable.

I don’t know much about Toyota Ractis apart from the fact that it’s also being sold as Subaru Trezia

Nunua ile gari roho yako inataka… Take your time to decide. Sisi tutakupa tu maoni. Kuna time I was also yearning to buy a Honda fit but interest ya hio gari iliisha and I ended up buying another make. Unfortunately, I have no experience in any of the cars you have mentioned

Zoom zoom ni gari gani omwami?

Buy a Toyota land cruiser

Thank you for this answer. Yeah. Subcompacts haziwezi deep off-road. For that I plan to rent a 4x4 as I always do. I’m also considering the mazda verisa.


Ni mazda. Sijui kama ni specifically demio model

Sawa. Asante kwa input

Verisa wins it in the three choices, you could have said it earlier na hii discussion ingekuwa imeisha. Take it and Don’t look back

Ractis has better ground clearance

Sawa. I’m looking into importing. Thank you Tonito

Honda fit can do that. Ractis itaangusha bumpers as soon as you get offroad towards Hell’s gate.

Mazda Axela. Excellent Acceleration for it’s group.


Kuna honda fit shuttle hybrid which is a very spacious wagon and way too much equipped than toyota ractis or fielder…utaipata na kama 850, but and fully equipped fielder goes for about 1.2m na bado accessories zake haziezi fikia za honda