Honda Fit IMA Hybrid battery

Anyone know where i can get a hold of this locally?

Hio ni mukebe ,Rudi show room my guy

:D:D:D:D:D You are the cool guy that went green? Just buy another car…those batteries will cost you same value as your car…ile pesa yote uli save utatolea kwa battery

If your car has an alternative power train, just install’s cheaper than the batter but it’s complicated. Forget hybrid. Or dump the car.

Niko na jama anauza 504 yenye iko clean. Mileage nayo usimind

Inachezea 100-150k. Iza hio gari shika Kitu old model kaka.

Visit this guys…

ION. Kununua slim engine ya 110 ufanye the full engine overhaul na parts from the slim ama replacing the whole engine na slim engine probably kale kamchawi sleeper sijui ni 4ae ama ni 4e. Which is better and cost-efficient? Nisaidiwe kabla mtu afanyiwe Ile kitu na makanika mukora mahali.

Changing engine type is more expensive. If you want a sleeper the old Toyota engine designation has to have “GE”

So it would be better buying a slim engine at once instead of buying a slim one to overhaul the old one right?

Yes. No need to open a good slim engine.

Thanks for the insight.

Dohc Auto mirema drive next to pac university, it’s probably the hybrid cooling fan that’s fails and it goes for about 30k

It was sorted by them and yes, it was the cooling fan that had konked.Shukran