Homicide detectives camp at Khalwale's home

Sole ya kiatu ya huyo DCI intoshana na wembe. hawa ni DCI kweli.


Why is the suspect leading the investigation. Very unprofessional. The entire home should be a crime scene to find any possible weapons

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If you get hit by a 300kg bull there should be some damage to the bones. Ata kama ilimdunga. The momentum should have transferred to his bones.

Unless hiyo bull inajua kutumia pembe kama kisu. Ati inadunga alafu inawithdraw.

The Moi guy was over 5 feet 10 inches. Unless he was crouching the bull could not have stabbed him that way.

Kama angedungwa kwa mbavu that is more believable. Can you really imagine ng’ombe ikudunge shingo surely.

A bull rushing at you does jot have time to specifically aim for the neck. When there’s a whole body with ribs.

And if he was crouching, the bull would have first had to nock him down do there should be damage to his ribs. Then it would have dragged him around.

He should have lacerations all over his body where the bull dragged him.

Alafu khalwale anasema Kizito alikuwa mlevi. There should be evidence of busaa in his stomach and blood.

The toxicology report should tell us if kizito was drunk enough to be attacked in an open wooden shed without being able to jump


When you cut the bullshit, we all know wanatafuta vile watatoanisha Khalwale pesa mingi. That’s the primary purpose of the investigation. Nobody is interested in justice hapo but they need a strong case to milk Khalwale.

When you are rich and you do a serious crime, you create a golden opportunity for people in the justice system to enrich themselves with your money. You may avoid jail, but your bank accounts will feel the pain.

Eventually, he will have to pay off lawyers, judges, cops, and the victim’s family for all this to go away.


Khalwale also attended and directed the postmortem. Oduor should step in

He should not have interfered with the scene, he should have removed the bull from the pen and waited for the police to come pick the body.

He should be charged. If you have someone who dies today, you try and take the body to hospital, you will be turned away. They will tell you call police first to make a report. The principle is, why did he wash the body and clear up the scene before police got there. The man is a whole doctor. He should know.


Shoulda woulda couldas don’t matter here. DCI are there to line their pockets with Khalwale’s cash and that’s exactly what will happen.

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Wacha wamuoshe. This is one of the people who think Kenya is his.

The ghaseeer shouldn’t have fucked his wife in the first place but I still maintain the bull was responsible for his karma


There was no bull involved . Khalwale and his cousins ganged up on the guy and jabbed him. Wakamrusha uko ndani to blame Ignacio.

Sasa bila CCTV footage, goodwill ya deceased’ family na bull yenyewe ishakuwa speared wata unearth nini exactly? Ama all publicity is good publicity?

Could they have jabbed him with some cow horns and blame it on inesio the bull? Did DCI collect DNA from the inesio bulls horns to determine if they are the ones which gored the farmhand to death?

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Anything is possible at this time. The way Khalwale was making news out of it, is rather odd. It’s a sad ocassion and he was railing social media by creating an event.

Exactly. Someone who would have lost an employee due to goring by his bull would have been in shock and in mourning. Not uploading videos of him reprimanding the bull and spearing it.

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I found all that theatre clownish and unnecessary. All the showy screaming, calling Ignacio several times, like some errant person whom he’s giving a tongue lashing.(In Afrosinema they 'd ask, How many times have I called you?)
How was a dull-witted bovine supposed to gain from that–was he expecting a show of remorse from the bull, or what?
And pray, what exactly was gained by spearing it, tradition aside?

Kukula bibi ya mtu ni balaa tupu. Huyu mwenda zake amejiletea mauti na kisha kuletea Khalwale makesi. He should not have eaten mke wa mheshimiwa.


Even if a bull jabbed him it would no be a straight clean cut. It would be a gapping hole. Ata wewe fikiria logically. How can a curved horn enter the body and leave with a clean cut?

Below is an example of a horn wound on a horse. Now, horses have thicker skin yet the bull tore him up with one jab. Kizito’s head should be hanging by a thread if he was stabbed by a horn