Home theater help

i have a sony hometheater yenye nikuwasha haitoi sauti na kwa panel inashow ‘PROTECT’ lakini picha iko poa bado inashow kwa tv.
shida inaeza kuwa gani

chida ni wewe…just kill yourself

change kwa parental guidance

Does what you’re trying to play (assuming it’s a disc) have some form of ‘regional protection’?

Do you know I once told a mboch ‘weka hiyo simu kwa moto’ and she did just that? On the jiko?

Haiya! Shauri yako …

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Are you implying that @Fala 12 is a mboch?


the disk is okey. i was watching last week. then even the fm, usb functions hazitoi sauti hata.

Check the integrity of ALL your cable connections, be they speakers, power or aerial. Most modern systems go into that mode whenever there’s a ‘short’ somewhere to avoid damaging the system.

No. I’m just telling @junkie to stop telling people to kill themselves coz you never know… :smiley:

…the Fala might kill itself?

will check that. hata nimeizima na nikatoa power cable

Looks like my comment offended you.
Please accept my sincere apologies.

apologies not accepted. your comment didnt offend me at all

Sawa. Maliza kutengeneza findeo. Hapo sina ujuzi

I have a Sony mini hifi which had the same message, “PUSH POWER PROTECT”. Took it to Sony Service Centre next to Simmers found out it had shorted six capacitors… They charged 6K for the repair, the machine’s still awesome to date but their customer skills were shit.

…or more specifically, is @Fala 12 THE mboch?

Hahaha funny comments I now feel like am back on klist madness crew

Have a Sony and same thing happened to me. Only to realise that one of the wires to the surround speaker wasn’t connected properly and had short circuited. Corrected the mistake. Switched off then on. Problem was solved

Hiyo hometheater imegundua wewe @fala ni fala kabisa,itakusubua